Working in IT is the new gold rush so get certified and head west (or just download these training courses)


As of last year, there were some 627,000 unfilled jobs in the technology market, and that number has only grown since then. Why? Almost every industry — from Wall Street to Hollywood to social media companies to car factories — needs IT professionals. Just look at the cybersecurity sector: thanks to the ever-increasing threats of data theft and cyber-terrorism, that industry is going to need 3.5 million warm bodies to help secure the web by 2021. 

As you might guess, these highly valued professions are commensurately rewarding. In fact, the average IT gig pays $87K a year and is likely to last, as IT unemployment is currently below 2.5%. There’s also plenty of headroom in such a job, with the average computer and information systems manager making over $120K. But if you want to stake your claim in this booming market, and open up those six-figure opportunities, you’ll need to know a lot more than, “Try turning it off and on again.” You’ll need to get certified.  Read more…

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These $60 Treblab headphones are on sale for less than $25


The only thing you should get wrapped up in at the gym is your next set, or maybe your rockin’ playlist — not your headphone wires. Save big on a set of TREBLAB XR100 wireless headphones that are on sale now for less than $25.

According to the product page, these headphones offer high-def sound and a secure fit to prevent them from slipping out. They boast up to nine hours of playtime and are also water and sweat proof so your more intense workouts won’t affect them. There’s a built-in microphone as well as music controls right at your fingertips. Read more…

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Amazon's real-time package tracker is rolling out across the U.S.


If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly where your Amazon package is on delivery day, now you can find that out.

Amazon Map Tracking is now available for all U.S. customers and does what the name suggests. You’ll be able to track your package on a map in real time, get an estimated delivery time, and see how many stops it is awayAndroidPolice first spotted the larger rollout, and Amazon has confirmed the launch to Mashable.

“The Amazon Map Tracking feature is another delivery innovation we are working on to improve convenience for our customers and provide them greater visibility into their deliveries,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an emailed statement. Read more…

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How to use GDPR to clean out your inbox once and for all


You might have noticed a slew of odd-looking emails landing in your inbox lately. Desperate subject lines like “please don’t go” and “is it really over” abound. 

These thirsty emails aren’t the handiwork of a scorned ex—they’re from brands complying with Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation by asking us if we’d like to remain subscribed to their marketing emails. 

So, let us all take this opportunity to clean out our poor, detritus-ridden inboxes. Thank you, GDPR, for this enormous favour. 

But, before we count all our chickens, let’s just take a second to make sure we know precisely how to unburden ourselves of the scourge of marketing emails. Mashable spoke to GDPR experts to find out precisely what we need to do to be free once and for all.  Read more…

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Keep hackers from listening through your computer with this $17 plug


Don’t read this post aloudThey’re listening. Oh, did you think you were safe from hackers hijacking your peripherals when you bought that webcam cover? That’s only one finger in the dam! 

Hackers can also snoop on you via your devices’ internal microphones. And once a cyber-invader infiltrates your device, it’s possible they could be listening to everything you say. It’s time to go on lock-down. 

Nope Portable Sound Microphone Blockers (yes that’s what they’re called) block unauthorized surveillance by cutting off the sound at the source. Safeguard two of your devices today for 22% off the standard price while these mic plugs are on sale. Read more…

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Vibrantly colorful custom PC comes with a built-in Nintendo Switch dock


Putting a Nintendo Switch inside a PC might be the best gaming combination ever conceived.

This custom PC made by Maingear, known as the F131, is a wonderfully vibrant creation covered in bright colors and LEDs, but is also an extremely beefy machine with two Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards and an Intel i9 processor. What makes it extra special though is the built-in dock for the Nintendo Switch, which appears to allow you to plug in and play the Switch through the PC and capture card, which is very convenient.

Unfortunately there has been some trouble with third party Nintendo Switch docks — some of them have been completely breaking (a.k.a. bricking) Switch consoles. But hey at least this thing looks pretty cool. Read more…

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