New images give us our first good look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 8


We may have just gotten our first good look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, thanks to this detailed render.

Although these aren’t photos, the new images are design renders based on what we know from prior leaks.

The images come from OnLeaks, which developed the designs with 91mobiles. The renders provide an up-close look at the front and back side of the handsets. 

The 6.3-inch display is about what we expected — it’s widely thought the front of the Note 8 will look similar to the 6.2-inch S8+, but the back offers an intriguing look at how Samsung plans to implement its dual-camera design. Read more…

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Instagram is making it way easier to keep track of comments


Instagram comments might be getting a much-needed update.

A new test on the Android app of Instagram shows nested comments, similar to those on Facebook. 

Hitting “reply” on a comment now adds them to a thread like this:

Image: instagram

Instagram comments are currently a confusing mess, so it’s a good sign that the company is working on changing that. Right now, replying to someone’s comment doesn’t notify them unless you explicitly tag them again, but with this it’ll be easier to know when someone replies to you. Read more…

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Your future iPhone could wake you up by memorizing your sleep patterns


If you use an iPhone, Apple probably controls most of your waking hours. The company could take over your time spent in dreamland sometime in the near future, too, by using all the data it collects about you to push you toward a better night’s sleep. 

Apple might be working on a new system to help improve user sleep patterns, if a new patent recently granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is any indication. 

The filing, which was unearthed by Apple Insider, describes new methods to automatically control alarms and notifications to manage bedtime at night and waking times in the morning. The system would offer a service that’s usually against the company’s MO: making users disengage with their phones to hit the hay.  Read more…

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Mystery Apple car suggests 3D street view is coming to Apple Maps


Apple is currently driving a tricked-out, super-data-sucking car all over the world, but no one really knows why.

Details about where in the world to find the Apple Maps car are here, but beyond promising that the data will be used to improve Apple Maps (which many people believe needs improving), there’s no information about what Apple is planning or what these cars can do.

Now that we’ve spotted one of these white giants on the road, thanks to the eagle eye of our own Sam Sheffer, we have questions.

See all that stuff on the top of the car? What’s all that equipment for? Read more…

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Apple wants to hire Siri a personal assistant to keep up with the cool kids


Are you tired of that awkward moment when you ask Siri to check if it’s National Awkward Moments Day and your iPhone leaves you in a lurch?

Apple’s AI assistant is tasked with answering your questions and keeping track of your busy schedule, but Siri can’t always keep up with all the events jamming the packed-out pop culture calendar. The blind spot for fabricated social media events, aka hashtag holidays, is apparently so glaring that Apple is searching for a real person to add some expertise to the AI. 

The iPhone maker recently listed a new job posting,  spotted by 9to5Mac, for a “Siri Event Maven.” The ad’s thirst is palpable, incorporating some cringeworthy recruiter-speak to describe a position that will essentially serve as an assistant for Apple’s own AI assistant to keep it up to speed on what the cool kids are buzzing about.  Read more…

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Exclusive: Here's the fingerprint tech that will make home buttons obsolete


While Apple and Samsung race to be the first company to perfect a fingerprint scanner that resides under a smartphone’s display, a Chinese company called Vivo has already done it. 

Vivo is launching the technology jointly with Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress Shanghai on Wednesday, but Vivo shared key details, images and video exclusively with Mashable prior to the announcement. 

First, let’s look at why this is important. The trend that dominated the smartphone market this year was making the screen as big as it can possibly be, with companies such as Samsung, LG and newcomer Essential launching phones with ultra-wide screens that cover most of their front side.  Read more…

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