Ferrari's race car for the snow just got faster and fancier



If you’re scratching your head and looking at this new Ferrari sideways saying, “I feel like I’ve seen this before,” your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This, the new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, isn’t exactly all-new — it’s the next-generation of the FF model.

The FF was famously the Ferrari you could drive on rough terrain and take up mountains for a ski trip, thanks to its all-wheel drive system. There’s enough room for a small family and most of their things, too. Now, the GTC4 Lusso takes that lineage a bit further.

Along with a new name, Ferrari has blessed its all-weather model with updated lines, a new interior, and a bit more horsepower from its V12 engine. Perhaps more importantly, though, all-wheel drive Ferrari now has four-wheel steering. Read more…

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Hold on, grandpa. The world's fastest mobility scooter just did 107 mph.



The mobility scooter your grandparents ride around the house and the supermarket top out at around 10 mph — if they’re lucky. This one, though, just did 107.6 mph.

Built in just six months by mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine from the UK, this highly modified rascal broke the world record for a mobility scooter on Isle of Man last week.

In accordance with Guinness World Records regulations, the scooter was based upon a commercially available mobility aid. The two stripped down a ‘Days Strider’ mobility scooter and modified a racing go-kart frame to fit it. Clearly, the original frame was never going to be able to handle 100+ mph. They then replaced the snail’s pace electric motor with a 600cc Suzuki Bandit motorcycle engine. Read more…

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'Disappointed' Mark Zuckerberg responds to India's partial Facebook ban



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the news that India’s telecom regulator has banned the company’s Free Basics program.

Free Basics, which began as part of Facebook’s project, allowed subscribers to Reliance — the biggest telecom in India — free access to Internet services.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Zuckerberg wrote that “while we’re disappointed with today’s decision, I want to personally communicate that we are committed to keep working to break down barriers to connectivity in India and around the world.”

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It's about time: Instagram finally makes multiple account support official



Instagram is finally supporting one of its most requested features

The photo-sharing app announced Monday that Instagram users will begin to see support for multiple accounts appear in its iOS and Android app this week

Instagram has been testing the long-requested feature for some time; it first appeared to Android users back in November. iPhone users began seeing the feature last week, following the version 7.15 update.

In a statement on Monday, Instagram confirmed the feature was part of the 7.15 update for both iOS and Android users but said it will begin to appear this week so it could still take a few days before all users see it Read more…

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The Pirate Bay now supports video streaming, but do so with caution



Are you missing Popcorn Time, the now-defunct, mostly illegal site that let you stream movies for free, directly from your browser? Well, we’ve got good and bad news. Thanks to a new software called Torrents Time, you can now stream videos on The Pirate Bay. However, we’re not sure it’s a good idea. Read on.

Last week, torrent search engine The Pirate Bay added support for Torrents Time, a plug-in that lets you stream videos from The Pirate Bay (and other sites, should they choose to support it) directly, without ever downloading a torrent. You simply click on the little face-shaped icon underneath a video torrent, and a video stream will open in a new window — provided you have the Torrents Time software Read more…

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The rumored iPhone 5SE could come in hot pink, not rose gold



Amid the speculations already swirling around Apple’s iPhone announcement next month, here’s another rumor to tack onto the growing list

A new report suggests the 4-inch iPhone, a likely successor to the iPhone 5S dubbed the “iPhone 5SE,” could come in hot pink.

But take this colorful rumor with a grain of salt

According to Japanese tech blog Mac Otakara (and first spotted by Apple Insider), a third-party accessory maker in Japan said the new iPhone will be available in three colors when it’s released: silver, space gray and hot pink. There was no mention of the gold or rose gold of past iPhone models, contrary to previous rumors. Read more…

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