Is the Tesla Model 3 hype for real?



This week on MashTalk, we look at Tesla’s successful launch of the Model 3 and debate whether the hype will translate into long-term success. Then, we discuss our experiences with different VR gaming devices, including the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive (27:30). 

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Impossible Project's I-1 instant film camera carries on Polaroid's legacy



Impossible Project, the company that has helped prop Polaroid’s abandoned instant film and instant film cameras, has announced its first 600-type instant film camera, and it comes with a digital twist.

Called the I-1 and available on May 10 for $300, the analog instant film camera is a modern take on old Polaroid cameras. Like all modern gadgets, the I-1 connects to an app via Bluetooth, which lets you manually adjust the the aperture, shutter speed and flash.

The app also includes presets for taking double exposures and long exposures, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The camera and app were unveiled by Impossible Project CEO Oskar Smolokowski at the Bloomberg Design Conference 2016. Read more…

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Hitachi's newest robot has a beating heart and always gets up after a fall



Hitachi has unveiled the latest iteration of its humanoid robot called the EMIEW3

A follow up to the EMIEW1 (debuted in 2005) and the EMIEW2 (demonstrated in 2007), the robot can roll over minor obstacles at speeds of nearly four miles per hour and weighs just 33 pounds

Unfortunately, despite the fact that nearly 10 years have passed since version two, the tiny red and white robot doesn’t look much different from the previous version

Termed by the Japanese company as a kind of customer service aide for humans, the robot has been enhanced with software that will allow it to recognize voices and respond to questions. The robot has also added the ability to regain a standing position if knocked down Read more…

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Food delivery startup Deliveroo launches in third Australian city



After testing the waters in Sydney and Melbourne, UK-based food delivery startup Deliveroo has decided people in Brisbane should also have the right to order fancy burgers on an app.

Not all Brisbane locals will immediately be able to use the service, which launched in the city Tuesday. Deliveroo, which partners with premium restaurants to deliver food ordered online or on its app, will initially only service the CBD, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Teneriffe and Spring Hill. 

It’s getting things started with 50 restaurants including Jamie’s Italian, Kwan Brothers and Buffalo Bar.

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Audi built a 20-foot-long, 6-door limo for anonymous European buyer



Lesson earned: You can’t say you have everything until you have a custom-built Audi limo more than a meter longer than the regular one.

Audi announced Monday morning that it has built a custom A8L Extended limousine for an anonymous European customer. The six-door land yacht clocks in at 20.9 feet long — 3.6 feet longer than the already lengthy 17.3-foot-long A8L.


Image: Audi

For some reason, the owner specified the that four rear seats not face one another, as they do in most limos. Instead, they all face forward. Presumably, this person doesn’t want to look at or talk to the passengers they travel with. Read more…

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Tesla Easter egg lets you drive on Mario Kart's Rainbow Road



Turns out, Tesla engineers have a sense of humor … or at least a healthy Nintendo 64 addiction.

Following the instructions in a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a Tesla owner posted a video to YouTube Monday afternoon showing a Mario Kart Easter egg.

The cheat-code that enables the Easter egg is pretty simple. According to Musk, owners of Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot simply need to engage the semi-autonomous driving system four times in quick succession. And, boom, you’re suddenly riding around on a virtual Rainbow Road.

If you do engage this sweet Easter egg, I recommend you stick to the posted speed limit, unlike the Tesla-driving YouTuber. Read more…

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