3Doodler Start makes 3D drawing kid's play



3D printers for the home haven’t quite taken off the way everyone expected them to, but the technology is finding some new life in an ever-growing variety of 3D printing pens.

These pens take the mechanics of a 3D printer and boil them down to a hand-held device that, essentially, lets you draw in mid-air. The super-heated plastic (or, in some cases UV-light activated gel) hardens instantly, letting creative people make, with lots and lots of practice, remarkable 3D objects.

That latest addition to this mini market is 3Doodler Start, a kids-version of the sleek 3Doodler 3D printing pen first introduced in 2013 and got and that got a significant update in 2015 Read more…

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'Bionic spinal cord' aims to move robotic limbs with power of thought



Australian scientists hope a device about the size of a matchstick will one day help people with spinal cord injuries get back on their feet.

The device, a stent-electrode recording array or stentrode, could allow patients to control powered body armour, known as exoskeletons, or bionic limbs using only their thoughts, researchers announced Tuesday at the University of Melbourne

The stentrode will be implanted in a blood vessel that sits over the brain, and will turn brain signals into electrical commands that could wirelessly move the exterior mechanical technology. Currently, most exoskeletons are controlled by a joystick that is operated manually. Read more…

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Bentley may soon build its own EV, report says



The forthcoming Porsche Mission E all-electric sports sedan will surely be built to go toe to toe with Tesla. What would a Bentley EV compete with, though?

That’s exactly the question Bentley’s marketing team will have to ponder over the next few years. That’s because the ultra-luxury British brand is reportedly working on an electric vehicle of its own.

Bentley is following the other Volkswagen Group brands, along with Audi and Porsche, and working to produce its very own EV, according to Drive.com.au Read more…

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Sensor-1 is the highly versatile security device you can stick onto anything



We all need security, whether for keeping an eye on your house when you’re gone, making sure nobody rifles through your files or opens up your laptop after you leave work, or just seeing if your 8-year-old is digging into the snack drawer when you’re not looking. There’s one little device that covers all these things and more.

The Sensor-1 is a movement-detecting security device about the size of a quarter. It sticks to surfaces with a 3M Command Strip and can light up and sound an alarm if moved, alert you if you’ve left it behind, or stealthily track how and when it’s moved.

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Australia in chaos as Telstra suffers massive mobile and Internet outage



This story is developing…

Early afternoon Tuesday, social media began to light up with customers of Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra, complaining their landlines, mobile and Internet services were down across Australia.

Telstra’s service status page remains a tragic row of red, as 2G, 3G and 4G mobile, as well as ADSL lines, among other services, are currently interrupted nationwide

The outage was not complete, as some customers were able to access mobile data and voice services in certain areas. A Telstra spokesperson told Mashable Australia customers should still be able to contact emergency services despite the outage. Read more…

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Is Twitter done with its timeline experiment?



We may never know exactly what Twitter planned to do with its timelines before #RIPTwitter became the most popular hashtag on the beleaguered service, but we do know this: The much talked about experiment is done — at least for two users.

Robin Bonny, a 17-year-old high school student in Switzerland, who first revealed his timeline tester status to The Verge said that as soon as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey started publicly addressing an algorithm-based Twitter timeline possibly replacing the current reverse-chronological view, he stopped getting the new timelines.

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