BIG-i robot looks like a trash can but is a lot more helpful



There’s a new robot butler making its way to the world and it understands voice commands, recognizes faces and interacts with your smart devices. It doesn’t exactly look like the Jetson’s Rosey the Robot though — it looks more like an adorable rolling trash can.

BIG-i is a robot that can do a lot of things, and unlike a lot of consumer robots on the market, this little guy is a lot more functional than fun. With its unique operating system designed by the company NXROBO, you can teach BIG-i to do different things based on voice commands and visual cues. Read more…

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Facebook hopes to kill the username and password



At its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced Account Kit, a new way for app developers to let users sign up for services with an email or phone number, no username or password required.

An extension of the existing Facebook login system, Account Kit is designed for developers who want an easy way for users to create accounts without having to sign in using Facebook.

Account Kit lets developers drop in code that will speed up the account-creation process. Instead, a user can use an email address or phone number. Users will receive a confirmation message via SMS or email to get setup. Read more…

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Facebook's Surround camera captures 360-degree video in 8K



Facebook is getting into the 360-degree camera business.

At its annual F8 developer conference, the company unveiled the Surround 360, its own custom-built camera for shooting 360-degree video. The Surround 360 has 17 “globally synced” camera lenses (14 wide-angle lenses around the horizontal ring and three fisheye lenses on the top and bottom) that capture 360-degree video in up to 8K resolution.

“The 8K output utilizes our dynamic streaming code, doubling the industry standard,” explains a narrator in a demo video (below).

The footage can, of course, be viewed in VR headsets like the Gear VR and Oculus Rift. Read more…

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You can now build bots for Facebook Messenger



At its F8 developer conference, Facebook unveiled a new Messenger platform that allows developers to build bots inside Facebook Messenger.

Bots are hot; they could even be the future.

At its a heart, a bot is nothing more an an app that runs automated tasks based on input. So “run backup” could have a bot that backs up your data to Dropbox or whatever.

The modern era of chat bots work with chat apps – including Messenger – and use real language to determine what task to complete.

In the demo early in his keynote, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed how bots inside Messenger could deliver news to users using CNN. Read more…

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Facebook plans to build augmented reality glasses



Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is shipping today, but in the future, the company hopes the technology and form factor will shrink to fit into a pair of normal-looking glasses.

On stage at the company’s annual F8 developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a concept for a pair of smart glasses that he thinks we’ll all be wearing.

Zuckerberg said he wants the smart glasses to be capable of both virtual reality and augmented reality. The vision is not too different from Google Glass. Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg subtweets Donald Trump in moving Facebook speech



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a message for Donald Trump: Stop dividing people.

Kicking off the company’s annual F8 developer conference, Zuckerberg outlined Facebook’s mission more articulately than he ever has, saying the social network stands for “connecting every person. Giving every person a voice.” He paired the vision with a broader call for inclusion and openness, indirectly subtweeting the likes of Trump for “building walls, distancing people they view as others.”

“It takes courage to choose hope over fear,” Zuckerberg said. “You have to be optimistic to think that you can change the world.” Read more…

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