Google Chrome will protect you from fake download buttons



It’s happened to all of us: You’re trying to find a download link for some freeware app, and the three largest buttons on the site that say “download” are all fake. Click on any of those, and your computer will probably get infested with malware

Now Google is trying to put an end to this with a new Chrome feature that will warn you about sites employing these deceptive practices

The update, which was launched Wednesday, is an extension of Google’s Safe Browsing feature that’s turned on by default in Chrome. (You can turn it on by checking the box before the “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites” option, located under Preferences – Settings – Advanced – Privacy.) Read more…

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The birth of the modern flamethrower, a psychological weapon of WWI



May 28, 1918

French troops use flamethrowers to flush out German positions in the town of Cantigny, France.

Image: The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images

Though projected incendiary weapons such as Greek fire were used in naval engagements by ancient Byzantines and Chinese, the modern flamethrower made its debut in 1901, when Richard Fiedler submitted his “Flammenwerfer” design to the German Army

Most flamethrower designs consisted of two tanks carried on a soldier’s back, one filled with a flammable liquid, the other with propellant gas. The squeeze of a trigger would send the liquid shooting across an igniter, projecting a jet of burning fuel at targets up to 18 meters away Read more…

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Facebook turns 12 and shows off personalized 'Friends Day' videos



Facebook just turned 12 (yes, it’s okay if that makes you feel super old.)

This year, the social network is marking the milestone, which it has dubbed “Friends Day,” with a new personalized video feature that weaves together memories with friends into shareable video clips.

The videos are similar to the company’s “year in review” videos that Facebook surfaces at the end of the year. But rather than highlights from the past year, the Friends Day videos are meant to highlight “special moments with your friends,” according to Facebook Read more…

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The dumpling wars: The search for Australia's best food delivery app



Sometimes you want four hot, tasty dumplings, and you want them delivered to the office so you can enjoy a sad desk lunch — just you, and the one hundred Internet tabs you have open.

So many delivery apps have opened in Australia lately that such a simple desire should be easily satisfied. There’s a food delivery app for every day of the week, ranging from the more upmarket Deliveroo, which works with restaurants that don’t always deliver, to old favourites like Menulog.

But which delivery service will bring you one serve of delicious dumplings in a timely manner? Mashable Australia put DeliveryHero, Suppertime, Menulog, Deliveroo and Eat Now to the test Read more…

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These 2 robot chefs will make you ramen (college dreams do come true)



Koya and Kona, a pair of robotic arms, are the top chefs at Toyako Ramen in China. One is in charge of boiling the noodles, the other is in charge of the soup. They work together and can finish making a bowl of noodles in under two minutes. Time to start planning your next trip to China. [Additional reporting by The Associated Press] Read more…

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Tesla's Powerwall home battery update ships this summer



The excitement around the Tesla electric vehicle, and all the innovation it delivers, is rapidly being matched by the interest in the company’s battery solution, the Tesla Powerwall

Now, in a recent appearance in Paris, Tesla founder Elon Musk upped the battery ante by delivering a bit of news: an updated version of the Powerwall is already being prepared for market

“We’ll be coming out with a version two of the Powerwall probably around July or August of this year, which will see a further step change in capabilities,” said Musk during the appearance, which mostly focused on the automobile aspects of Tesla Read more…

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