Fiat Chrysler said to be in talks with Google for technical partnership



Now, is it Google car helping Fiat Chrysler or the other way around?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Alphabet’s Google car are reportedly in late-stage talks on a technical partnership, according to a CNBC tweet.

At first blush, it might seem that Google is seeking car production help from FCA, as Google doesn’t have much experience in the car-making realm, aside from its prototype cars.

Likely, however, it’s FCA that is keen to partner with Google and glean the tech giant’s massive experience with self-driving cars. That’s because FCA, unlike hometown rivals Ford and GM, hasn’t done much in autonomous tech development. Read more…

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This homemade hoverbike is the future of personal aviation



The Internet’s favorite crazy inventor has created a rideable hoverbike, and while it doesn’t go much higher than a couple feet, it’s a pretty innovative creation.

YouTuber Colin Furze, famous for his homemade Wolverine claws, jet-powered bicycle and recent thermite launcher, embarked on his first-ever flying project as requested by fans. He created the hoverbike, a seatless, brake-less contraption powered by two motorized propellers in place of wheels. He only shows it off in short bursts, so you probably can’t fly it down to your local store to buy bread.

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Snapchat users are watching 10 billion videos a day



Snapchat is an app that keeps its users interested, consistently releasing new features and improvements that keep it relevant and entertaining. It comes as no surprise then that users watch a collective 10 billion videos a day on the app, Bloomberg reported Thursday and Snapchat confirmed.

Bloomberg similarly reported numbers in February stemming from a meeting with investors, saying Snapchat videos reach 8 billion every day.

That’s a rapid increase in a short amount of time, and falls in line with recent polls showing Snapchat as the most popular app among teens. Read more…

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Cyrano is your own personal jukebox for scents



You’re hosting a beach-themed party. You’ve got the decorations, the music and the snacks. You’re hanging out with floaties on your arms and rocking out to the unmistakeable sounds of crashing waves and “Wipeout” on repeat.

It looks like a beach party and sounds like a beach party, but it’s missing something. It doesn’t smell like a beach party.

Vapor Communications aims to change that with Cyrano, a “scent speaker” that uses multiple, interchangeable scent capsules to make your space smell nice. By mixing up different scents, Cyrano creates different “mood medleys,” emitting scents one after another to trigger different feelings like relaxation, energy or freedom. Read more…

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Facebook rolls out Messenger, Instagram for Windows 10



Fresh off its stellar earnings report, which owed much to its remarkable mobile performance, Facebook is giving a little focus back to the desktop.

On Thursday, Facebook unveiled its first Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10 desktop, along with an updated Facebook app for Windows 10 and, yes, in a nod to Microsoft’s struggling mobile efforts, a fresh Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile.

The arrival of the apps, which should happen sometime Thursday, is not a surprise. Facebook promised during its most recent F8 Developer conferences that it would be building Universal Windows 10 apps. Read more…

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Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best e-reader — but, oh, the price



It was fun handing Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis e-readers to unsuspecting coworkers.

“Ooh, it’s so thin. It’s so light. Is it too small? It might be too small,” one coworker told me.

“Too small?” I asked.

“I’m worried it might fly out of my hand,” she said.

She was not alone

As Amazon continues making the Kindle reading experience more book- and paper-like, it is finally approaching paper-thinness. And some people simply can’t handle it.

It’s not just that the Kindle Oasis is thin — 0.13 inches until you get to the much thicker battery and component side. Even the size and shape threw some people who were used to the rectangle form factor Amazon had been honing since the days of the second-generation Kindle. Read more…

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