10 Snapchat features we wish existed



We here at Mashable are obsessed with Snapchat — the filters, the live stories, and of course, the Discover channels.

But of course, it’s not perfect. In addition to a confusing, non-intuitive interface — Snapchat makes you work just to find that black drawing tool — there’s a lot we wish it had. Plus, there are older, now-removed features, we want back too, like the “best friends” feature which highlighted who you snapped with the most. 

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While the app is always improving and adding new features, we’ve rounded up our wish list of Snapchat features, from an eraser tool to different fonts. Let’s take a look. Read more…

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Delta will track baggage with RFID by the end of the year



Delta announced Friday it will be the first airline in the U.S. to deploy Radio Frequency Identification — or RFID — baggage tracking technology, for all 120 million bags it handles each year.

Since the 1990s, airlines have tracked baggage with barcodes and hand scanning. Delta calls the switch to RFID “historic.”

Bill Lentsch, Delta’s senior vice president of airport customer service and cargo operations, said this will entail a $50 million investment in RFID at 344 stations globally.

“We aim to reliably deliver every bag on every flight,” Lentsch said in a statement. “This innovative application of technology gives us greater data and more precise information throughout the bag’s journey.” Read more…

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Ouch: Some Slack developers have been exposing corporate data



If you perform a very specific query in the search field of online code repository Github, where many Slack bot projects are stored, you can get info that potentially lets you access a trove of corporate data, including companies’ internal chats and files. 

This is because a lot of Slack bot developers — and there are a lot of them, since building a Slack bot is quite easy — included their Slack tokens (personal Slack account credentials) directly in the code, which they share publicly on Github. 

The issue was discovered by security company Detectify, which notified Slack about it on March 26. Detectify managed to find “thousands” of such tokens with a simple GitHub search. The story was first reported by Quartz. Read more…

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How to disable Chrome notifications



Google Chrome notifications aren’t always the easiest thing to master. Some websites like Facebook will ask if you want to turn on notifications in Chrome, but it’s an easy window to miss or ignore if you aren’t sure what it is.

But there are other times when you turn on notifications for a site like Facebook only to regret the decision either because they’re too much or you’re already getting notifications in another way (via your computer’s OS, your phone, your smartwatch, etc.). Here’s how to take control of your Chrome notifications whether you’re using a PC, Mac or mobile: Read more…

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Google Trips is a comprehensive mobile travel app, but you can't get it yet



Google is working on Trips, a travel app that scours your Gmail account for travel-related info and lets you plan and book your trip, all from your mobile phone. 

The app is currently in testing, and is available as beta only to some members of Google’s Local Guides program, as reported by Dutch site Android World, which grabbed a bunch of screenshots of the app. 

Even though it’s still in beta testing phase (we’ve contacted Google about the app, but have not yet heard from them), Trips seems to be very comprehensive. It grabs travel information, such as flight reservations, from Gmail, but it also lets you build an itinerary manually. Then, it presents you with a complete overview of your trip, including reservations, info on places to see, restaurants and public transportation.  Read more…

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Parents can now monitor their underage children's Tinder activity



When any kid with a smartphone has the ability to create an account on Tinder and start connecting with people, many parents will want to make sure their children aren’t doing anything inappropriate.

TeenSafe, a leading phone-monitoring web program for parents who want to be aware of what their kids are doing online, updated Friday to include the ability to monitor Tinder activity. Parents who use TeenSafe can now see if their kid has installed Tinder, their profile, who they’ve matched with, liked, super liked and skipped. Parents can also see any conversations their child has with other users. Read more…

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