WhatsApp announces plans to share user data with Facebook



Big changes are coming to WhatsApp.

On Thursday, the messaging app announced in a blog post that its terms and privacy policy are going be updated for the first time in four years. And there are plans to coordinate heavily with Facebook.

According to the blog post, these changes are a result of WhatsApp’s desire to allow users to communicate directly with businesses.

In addition to officially announcing it joined Facebook, WhatsApp shared that it has rolled out several new features such as end-to-end encryption and WhatsApp Calling alongside various other messaging tools like WhatsApp for web and desktop. Read more…

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India all set to permit in-flight Wi-Fi on all civilian flights



For years, air travelers in India have complained about the unavailability of internet connectivity on flights. But those days will soon be behind them. 

The Indian government is all set to announce a set of reforms which will let airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi on all flights over Indian airspace. 

Civilian flights in India will soon offer Wi-Fi services to their passengers, aviation secretary R. N. Choubey said. The home, telecommunications and aviation ministries are also in favor of allowing flights coming in and out of the country to continue their Wi-Fi services without any interruption, he added

Wi-Fi services haven’t been permitted on domestic flights in India out of security concerns. In addition, flights that were crossing India’s airspace were also required to turn off internet services to passengers while they were in Indian airspace, a move that has upset airlines for years. The change of heart comes as Indian agencies devise ways to intercept mid-air calls and data when they need to, Choubey added Read more…

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Uber launches scheduled rides in London



Uber users in London can now request a ride hours, days or weeks in advance, the company announced Thursday. 

London is the first European city to get the “Scheduled Rides” feature. It goes live at 4 p.m. Thursday local time for folks who have an Uber for Business account or a Business Profile, and it will be rolled out to other Uber customers in London “in the next fortnight.” 

The feature works as follows: Tap on “Schedule a ride” on the main screen, select a pickup date and time — it can be as little as 15 minutes from now, or a maximum of 30 days in advance — your pickup location and destination and you’re set.  Read more…

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Garmin's new track-everything smartwatch is great if you're rich



Garmin makes about a hundred different kinds of fitness and GPS trackers and sports watches. Seriously, go look at their product line — it’s dizzying.

Its do-everything watch is the Fēnix 3, which comes in a number of different variants and styles. New to the series is the Fēnix Chronos, a sleeker tracker watch that marries all the sensors you could want with a luxury design.

The Chronos is available in three styles and it’s not affordable. Compared to the Fēnix 3, which starts at $500, the Chronos caters to high-end customers.  Read more…

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Against all odds, PCs seem to be selling well in India



India has shown a refreshing growth in the shipments of personal computers in what is another example of it bucking global trends. About 2.2 million personal computers were shipped in the country during the period between April and June, marking a 7.2 percent growth over the quarter before that. Despite the increase in demand in Q2 2016, the number — which includes PC shipped to enterprises as well as to consumers — are still 2.2 percent lower than what they were during the same period a year ago.

PCs shipped to consumers saw an even impressive quarterly growth of 14.5 percent, seeing about 1.05 million units moving during this period. The improvement in shipments has been credited to the Ramadan festive season as well as the government’s push to hike salary of its employees, said marketing research firm IDC

The PC shipment growth in India comes at a time when PC manufacturers are struggling to keep sales growing in many regions. Worldwide PC shipments saw an annual decline of 4.5 percent during the period between April to June. An annual drop of 11.5 percent was also witnessed during the period between January and March Read more…

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Meet the cyborg bringing biohacking to the people



In the beginning, it was just about getting rid of the keys to his office.

American biohacker Amal Graafstra, 40, decided in 2005 that he wanted to be done with such archaic technology “from like 700 BC.” He looked at iris scanning and fingerprint reading as solutions for opening his office door, but decided those options were expensive and unreliable.

Inspired by the way pets are commonly tagged, he settled on a safe radio-frequency identification (RFID) implant. “I used to say that if I was beaten up and naked in the back alley, I still want to get into my door,” he told Mashable Australia. Read more…

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