NASA takes Snapchat to the International Space Station for a day



On Monday, May 16, the International Space Station made its mind-boggling 100,000th orbit around the Earth. The ISS, humanity’s longest-running habitable artificial satellite, was launched Nov. 20, 1998, and completes one orbit approximately every hour and a half. 

To celebrate the occasion, NASA astronaut and ISS commander Tim Kopra is on a Snapchat spree, showing what it looks like to live some 250 miles above the Earth. 

NASA’s “Day in Space” can be found in the form of a Snapchat Live Story, accessible through the three-lined icon in the bottom right of Snapchat’s main screen. Read more…

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A platform that helps you develop apps in minutes instead of months



Start-ups need help to take on the Big Boys as they deliver business disruption by providing newer services and products. With lean internal teams, start-ups need to focus on core business innovation and do so very quickly — technology is key here. Agility aligned with an unwavering focus on innovation is a key catalyst to disruption

And that’s exactly where IBM’s Bluemix™ platform plays the perfect matchmaker for start-ups because it not only facilitates the ‘entrepreneurs everywhere’ principle but also enables start-ups to focus on innovative applications to solve complex business challenges, leaving behind any infrastructure related issues. Reducing application development time from months to minutes catalysing disruption Read more…

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Hitch Theaters will let you enjoy movie night almost anywhere



A new Kickstarter campaign will let you watch Into the Wild… in the actual wild. It’s called Hitch Theaters, and it turns the trailer hitch on your truck or SUV into a veritable, go-anywhere drive-in theater.

Hitch Theaters has developed three distinctive projector screens and stands for outdoor movie watching.

The first is called the True Drive-In Theater. The projector rests on the roof on the truck in a specially designed stand, while the screen locks into the trailer hitch. This is designed so the movie watchers can relax in the bed of the truck. Read more…

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Twitter, please tell us how you really feel about Tweetdeck



Twitter, we’re confused about your feelings for Tweetdeck.

In the five years since Twitter acquired the tweet management platform, it has never been clear whether Twitter fully embraced Tweetdeck or grudgingly put up with it just to keep the power users happy.

Yes, it has its own blog and the platform has seen numerous and significant upgrades. Yet, despite being a power user’s tool, it rarely achieves user parity. Even now, there’s no way to launch a poll from Tweetdeck, a feature that’s been on for more than six months. Read more…

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Someone created an unofficial, yet convincing Tesla Model 3 configurator



Well, this should either ease or make unbearable the waiting process for those 400,000 Model 3 pre-orderers.

Some two years before deliveries are likely to begin, a Tesla fan has created a convincing unofficial Tesla Model 3 configurator. It’s called model3config, and it allows users to slather the all-new Tesla in nine different body colors and two distinct wheel shades.

The site also has a third tab for interior specification. Except to say it will be spaceship-y, Tesla hasn’t yet revealed the production interior. If you click the interior configurator tab, though, it takes you two a “check back again soon” screen with an image of the Millennium Falcon cabin. Read more…

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Give your selfies glamour lighting and wind-blown hair with a new selfie stick



Trying to take the perfect selfie but you need some beauty lights and some wind to blow your hair? Introducing the automated selfie stick that telescopes, has built-in beauty lights and even a fan that will blow your hair to get the perfect glamour shot. Unfortunately, this narcissist’s dream isn’t for purchase. It was built to promote Season 2 of Lifetime’s Unreal.

Full story: Read more…

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