Report: Forget 'Going Dark,' surveillance will survive the age of encryption



Don’t panic. Seriously, don’t. That’s the message to the intelligence community — especially the FBI — from a group of cybersecurity and policy experts who make a fairly compelling case that, despite law enforcement concerns, end-to-end encryption will not result in the Internet “Going Dark” or hamper efforts to track and foil terrorists.

Those concerns were raised anew after the deadly attacks in Paris last November. New York City Police Commission William Bratton said at the time that end-to-end messaging encryption was hampering their investigative efforts. “We’re losing the ability to gather intelligence… Offense is intelligence and we are losing a lot of that offense momentum because of this issue.” Read more…

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Hello Kitty flip phone may not be cutting edge, but it's freakin' adorable



Who needs an iPhone or Galaxy when you can buy a Hello Kitty flip phone?

The Figurine KT-01 doesn’t feature any cutting-edge technology like a high-res screen or an app store. Heck, the phone doesn’t even have a camera. But who cares? Look at it. It’s so damn cute.

The phone, which will be available this April for purchase in Japan for 12,000 yen (about $100), has a 1.54-inch color screen with a 240 x 240 resolution. We’d be falling out of our seats — if this were the ’90s and phones with color screens were a big deal. In a world where we hardly look up from our phones to experience the world around us, though, adopting flip phones again may do society some good. Read more…

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Dutch police are training eagles to grab drones from the sky



Remember those two sassy eagles that snatched a DJI Phantom 3 drone out of the air last last year, thinking it was a meal? It turns out they were on to something

The Dutch police are training eagles to grab rogue drones from the sky and bring them to justice. Watch for yourself in the video above, which police released on Sunday.

The video shows an eagle clutching a drone midair and taking it down a few feet. However, this leaves open the possibility of birds getting hurt by drones’ robot blades; a Dutch police spokesperson said they are looking into ways to protect the eagles from injuries, Engadget reported Read more…

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MIT team wins Hyperloop competition, Elon Musk predicts global transportation network



The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition crowned a winner on Sunday, naming the MIT Hyperloop Team as the group with the best look at what the Hyperloop transportation pod system might look like in the future

First conceived by SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk back in 2013, the concept transportation system would transport riders in sealed tubes to different cities at speeds of over 700 mph, reducing a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco to just 30 minutes

In addition to the announcement of the overall winning concept, Musk himself made an appearance at the event in Texas and even took a few questions Read more…

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Australians can use roaming for free in New Zealand with Vodafone



After years in the #Vodafail wilderness, telecommunications company Vodafone really, really wants Australians to like them. And what better way to earn brownie points than by offering customers free roaming when travelling?

For 12 months, Vodafone Red and SIM-only customers will have their $5 per day international roaming fee waived in New Zealand, the company announced at a press conference Monday

This means they will be able to use their data on the country’s 4G network, make local and international calls at standard rates and take advantage of other features of their plan, without worrying about bill shock once the holiday is over. Read more…

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Samsung sends out invites to 'Unpacked' event to debut Galaxy S7



It looks like we’ll know soon enough how many of those Galaxy S7 rumors were true as invitations to Samsung’s “Unpacked” event have been sent, according to Android Central

The event will happen on Sunday, February 21 in Barcelona, Spain, a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress, which is held in the same city.

The announcement follows similar moves in 2015 and 2014 when Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy incarnations just ahead of or at the beginning of the MWC main event

So far, there are plenty of rumors to go on. Several of those indicate that, physically, the Galaxy S7 could look an awful lot like the Galaxy S6. Read more…

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