The evolution of the Air Jordan will give you all the nostalgia


In May, Mashable stopped by Nike‘s Oregon headquarters for a sneak peek of the new Air Jordan XXXI that launched on Wednesday. 

One of the Jordan brand product line managers, Atienza, walked us down the Air Jordan memory lane, from the first sneaker to the most recent — and most innovative — addition to the line. 

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'Graham' is the interactive face of road trauma – and it's not pretty


Though staying safe on the road is a universal concern, it took a distinct contemporary artist from Australia to bring the issue to life so literally.

Meet Graham. He’s a little different. With a bulbous head, gnarly feet and many ‘a nipple, he’s a visual representation of what humans would look like if they had evolved to withstand car crashes. 

Patricia Piccinini Graham

Image: transport accident commission

So who’s to blame for the aberration that is Graham? Along with acclaimed artist Patricia Piccinini (the inventor of the infamous Sky Whale), a leading trauma surgeon and a car crash investigator worked on the project, commissioned by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as part of their Toward Zero road safety campaign.  Read more…

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Elon Musk reveals his new master plan for Tesla


Elon Musk revealed the second part of the so-called “Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan” on Wednesday night, which the company is calling “Master Plan, Part Deux.”

Musk began by laying out why Tesla seeks to buy SolarCity. Without the two being one, Musk won’t be able to create an integrated solar-roof-with-battery product “that just works.” With such a product, Musk sees people taking the utility into their own hands.

Moving on, he laid out his plans for the kinds of vehicles Tesla will build next. These include a compact SUV and a “new kind of pickup truck” as well as the already-unveiled Model 3 sedan. Musk is calling the truck the ‘Tesla Semi.’ Its variants will serve as both heavy-duty trucks — semi trucks — and urban transport, like buses. Musk plans to unveil these vehicles sometime in the next year. Read more…

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Interactive chatbot lets you speak in real-time with a World War I soldier


The rise of the bot has been one of the dominant tech trends of 2016, but apart from ordering you flowers or an Uber, the automated systems could also deliver a history lesson.

News Corp Australia has launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows users to interact with Tasmanian soldier Archie Barwick, who fought in World War I. The chatbot was created by AnzacLive, an interactive project that helps users learn more about the personal experiences of Australians on the frontline.

While the project has so far allowed people to interact with veterans, including nurses and soldiers, via Facebook posts, the chatbot will allow for a more private conversation with Barwick as he battles on the Western Front. Read more…

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How the Air Jordan XXXI became a high-tech basketball sneaker


BEAVERTON, Ore. — In the spring of 1977, a kid named Michael Jordan was finishing eighth grade in Wilmington, North Carolina. He hadn’t yet been cut from his high school varsity squad. He hadn’t yet hit the game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA Championship Game for the University of North Carolina. And he certainly hadn’t become Michael Jordan, the NBA star and cultural icon we all know today. 

But the trails of history connect in mysterious ways. That same spring, 3,000 miles away in Oregon, a former aerospace engineer finagled a meeting with the young CEO of an upstart footwear company. 

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