The next Apple Watch won’t change that much, even though it should



If you were looking forward to the Apple Watch 2.0 in 2016, a well-known analyst has just thrown a nice bucket of ice-cold water on the idea

According to Apple Insider, KGI Securities analyst and Apple oracle Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple is working on an Apple Watch “S” update, one that will leave the current design intact, but refresh numerous internal components. As a result, the next Apple Watch could be faster, have a longer battery life and a slightly better screen, but look exactly like the last one.

Incremental changes should come as no surprise in a market as immature as smartwatches. Littered with the corpses of failed wearables, it’s a market that merits a cautious approach. And perhaps Apple’s position as the big fish in a small pond of wearable competitors probably gives it the right to set the tone. Even as Apple’s somewhat halting approach to Apple Watch updates frustrates those who’ve come to expect bold, yearly updates on major product categories (like the iPhone), it would be foolish to mess with the design and major functions when you can incrementally build, quarter over quarter, to a sustainable business. Read more…

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Bots, Live and A.I.: What to expect at Facebook's F8 conference



Our bot-filled future is rapidly approaching. 

Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, is set to kick off Tuesday with an opening keynote from CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

While Facebook has been tight-lipped on what the developers in attendance will hear, we do know bots will take center stage. We’re also expecting to hear more about Oculus VR, A.I. and video — and how Facebook’s army of developer partners can benefit from them. 

Of course, there are likely to be a few surprises, and Mashable will be covering the conference live from the venue in San Francisco. But for now, here’s a look at everything we’re expecting to hear about at F8.  Read more…

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BlackBerry is planning to release 2 new Android phones, despite weak Priv sales



The Priv, BlackBerry’s best smartphone in a decade, has not helped the struggling smartphone company rebound.

BlackBerry sold just 600,000 of the Priv, which runs Android, between January and March. CEO John Chen blamed the poor sales on the device being “too high-end of a product.”

Last month BlackBerry announced the Priv would be coming to Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. But it looks like the company’s canceled launch plans for Sprint. 

That’s disappointing news, but it shouldn’t shock anyone. Last year, T-Mobile overtook Sprint as the No. 3 carrier in the U.S., no doubt due to its aggressive “Uncarrier” initiatives such as Music Freedom and Binge On, both of which let customers stream music and video from select services without it counting towards their data plan. Read more…

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A 1965 Corvette gets an upgrade that'll make your heart race like never before



This ’60s era Corvette Grand Sport is not a restoration job or a replica, instead it’s a certified continuation of the original car. That means it’s actually a 1965 Corvette racecar built in 2016, but you do not want to walk away from a crash in this beast. “Driving this car in full throttle, is like riding the devil straight to hell. You know it’s so so wrong, but you love every damn second of it,” says Mashable Transportation Reporter Nick Jaynes as he sits in the driver seat of this $164,000 car. Read more…

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President Obama set as weeklong guest host for Science Channel nightly news segment



Science Channel’s nightly news series is getting a high-profile visitor this week.

Mashable has learned that President Barack Obama is set to act as a guest presenter for five editions of the network’s evening news program, Science Presents DNews, starting Monday night.

In the minute-long segments, Obama will deliver updates on a wide range of timely topics, including innovations in public health, space, and technology. 

His appearance in the news segments, which air every weeknight at 9 p.m. ET on the Science Channel, comes during a week that will see many science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related-activities — including the 2016 White House Science Fair (taking place April 13) and the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Read more…

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Lytro's new Cinema camera could mean the end of green screen



Lytro has only just begun its mission to become a leader in professional VR cameras, but it’s already looking to disrupt regular film production, too.

The Lytro Cinema camera puts the company’s fancy light-field technology into a normal film camera. To call the camera “normal” is really a misnomer, though, since the specs on this thing are anything but: It can capture footage at a ridiculous 755 megapixels per frame, at 300 frames per second.

But that’s not what makes the Lytro Cinema special. By capturing detailed depth and direction information of all incoming light, the camera unlocks a host of abilities that can usually only be done with expensive post-production, if at all. Read more…

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