Apple TV can now deliver Papa John's pizza for your binge watching needs


Just days before Apple launches a wealth of new product goodness, U.S. food chain Papa John’s has announced an amazing new feature designed for Apple consumers: pizza via your TV. 

On Tuesday, Papa John’s launched a new app that allows customers to order directly from Apple TV.

Thankfully, the app isn’t in any way hobbled by the transfer to the new format: you can order the restaurant’s entire menu, including side dishes and drinks, and create incredibly detailed combinations of pizza toppings. 

The app uses your existing Papa John’s account information to determine your delivery location, payment information and any favorites you may have ordered in the past.  Read more…

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Intel's new 7th-gen chips will turn your MacBook into a 4K-ready beast


Chances are if you’ve got a PC or a Mac, it’s powered by an Intel processor. 

The chipmaker rules with an iron fist (sorry, AMD), commanding roughly 85% of the desktop CPU market. And that dominance shows no sign of ending now that Intel has announced its seventh-generation Core-branded processors, codenamed “Kaby Lake.” The new chips are designed to help bring 4K video to the masses and allow laptop makers to build even thinner, lighter and more powerful designs.

The new processors will come in Core m3, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 variants when they make their way to PCs, starting in early September. Read more…

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This Indian company is promising a $7 Android smartphone


How does one sell a new smartphone brand in the world’s fastest growing market that already has more than 65 established players?

If we go by what has been happening in India in the recent months, cheap marketing gimmicks is the answer you are looking for.

India is the world’s second largest smartphone market. Over 65 brands compete against each other to grab a share of over 25 million smartphones that are shipped every quarter. Given the market size and future potential, it seems like a lucrative business model to launch a new smartphone brand, selling those phones are a different matter altogether, considering established brands like Samsung, Micromax, Xiaomi and others already sell smartphones priced under $100.  Read more…

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LG unveils 'world's largest' ultrawide monitor


A few years ago, LG figured out that wide-aspect 16:9 monitors just don’t cut it for a modern power user’s needs. The company then started churning out ultrawide 21:9 monitors that offer a ton of horizontal screen real estate, reducing the need for a second monitor. 

Later this week at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, the company will show off its new lineup of ultrawide monitors, which includes what it claims is the “world’s largest” such device, a 38-inch behemoth with a 3,840 x 1,600-pixel resolution.

The 38UC99, as it’s called, is a curved IPS monitor with built-in 10W Bluetooth-compatible speakers. LG says it has a color gamut that covers 99 percent of the sRGB color space. It also has an ultra-thin bezel and a USB Type-C port that you can use to transmit data or charge another device.  Read more…

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Apple might finally refresh its MacBook lineup, and in a big way


If you’re looking to buy a new MacBook, iMac or a Mac Pro computer, we feel for you. 

Apple hasn’t launched any major updates to any of these devices in ages, and buying anything now feels like a wrong move as everyone feels a major update is in order. 

But when is this sorely needed update coming? According to a new Bloomberg report, it’s not going to happen at the Sept. 7 iPhone event, but it might happen later this year. 

What’s interesting about this report is not the timing, which is vague and has been more or less reported before, but the scope of changes Apple might bring to its laptops and desktop computers.  Read more…

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Inside UPI: How India is bringing mobile banking to 1.3 billion people


India is embarking on an ambitious project that hopes to bring banking to every smartphone user in the country. 

For decades, the country of more than 1.3 billion people has struggled to bring hundreds of millions of its citizens to a bank. The penetration of bank accounts, and by extension, debit cards and credit cards remain low in the country. But its new audacious payments system could bring banking and financial services to its entire population

India has launched a new payments system called Unified Payment Interface, or UPI, which is designed to make person-to-person and e-commerce transactions swifter and easier. Doing transactions, the government says, will be as easier and as faster as sending a text message. Read more…

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