Why Instagram's new icon and black and white design suck



I hate the new Instagram iconYou can disagree, but you’re still wrong. 

Instagram finally changed its app icon this week and, boy, did the Internet react. The iconic instant camera icon — with a glass lens, viewfinder, brown leather wrap and rainbow, alongside the word “Insta” in the corner is gone.

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, it’s been replaced with a simplified glyph in the shape of a camera outlined in white and set on top of a yellow-orange-red-pink-purple gradient.

It’s definitely different. Instagram recently said that, during the creative process of flattening the icon, it wanted to make sure the updated look was still recognizable. But my issue is it’s too minimal and the gradient choice is too loud. Read more…

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Amazon's customizable Dash Button sold out in less than a day



Amazon’s Dash Buttons are the epitome of shopping simplification. You push a button and you get stuff, no need to browse around or even leave the house. It would be pretty cool if you could get one of those buttons to do whatever you want.

Well now you can, or could — Amazon briefly offered a Dash Button that is completely customizable, allowing you to connect to pretty much any connected device or service you want. It’s called the AWS IoT Button (Amazon Web Services Internet of Things Button), and it sold out in less than a day. Read more…

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BMW promises autonomous, electric flagship for 2021 called iNext



We’re just about halfway through 2016 and BMW is already talking about product plans for 2021.

At BMW’s annual shareholders meeting Thursday, company chairman of the board Harald Krüger spoke to the future of the brand. Specifically, he detailed the next BMW flagship — autonomous, intelligent, lightweight and the “next generation of electro-mobility.” He calls it the iNext.

The iNext is a combination of the BMW electrified i brand and the Vision Next 100 concept that debuted to correspond with the company’s 100th birthday.

Presumably, this car will be BMW’s answer to the growing number of techie and luxurious electrified vehicles on the road. More explicitly, it’ll be Bimmer’s challenge to Tesla. Read more…

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10 app icon redesigns: The good, the bad and the ugly



Redesigns happen. Whether a certain look has gone out of style, a brand’s direction has changed, or it’s just time for something fresh, many popular apps have changed the design of their iconsInstagram just changed its app icon, and while a new look was probably a good idea, many aren’t happy about it.

Instagram’s old and new app icons.

Image: instagram

Instagram is far from the first app to go through this. Sometimes it’s a home run, but it’s rare. More often a changed icon either takes a while to get used to or is just plain bad. Occasionally, the redesign lives in infamy. 

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The Blisk browser is a web developer's dream come true



With so many different devices and screen sizes people browse the web on, web developers need to make sure their websites will work on every platform and react properly to different screen resolutions. Now there’s a developer-focused browser that makes that process a lot easier.

Blisk is a free web browser seen by The Next Web that isn’t made for the typical Internet surfer. It comes with a bunch of features that caters to web developers who want to test their projects without jumping between multiple devices and browsers at once.

The Blisk browser comes with emulators for different devices, so when testing code, developers can easily see how it works on mobile screens, tablet screens and on their computer.  Read more…

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Hyundai is building an 'Iron Man' suit



Inside Iron Man’s suit is just a man. Sure, a man with a tiny arc reactor in his chest, but otherwise just a flesh-and-blood person who’s made super strong and virtually indestructible thanks to a mechanized suit of gold-titanium alloy.

If one guy can build such a suit, surely an entire car company can do it, too, at least that’s Hyundai’s perspective.

The company posted a series of photos and some scant information about a wearable robot it’s building on its blog on Wednesday.

Hyundai Wearable Robot

The Hyundai exoskeleton has considerable lifting power

Image: Hyundai Read more…

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