Zuckerberg claims Facebook hoaxes didn't influence the election. He's wrong.



Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t believe that Facebook, the largest social network on planet Earth and a major news platform, could have influenced the outcome of the presidential election.

“Personally I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, which is a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way, I think is a pretty crazy idea,” the Facebook CEO reportedly said Thursday night at the Techonomy conference in Half Moon Bay, California. “Voters make decisions based on their lived experience.” 


Facebook has come under fire this year for allowing the proliferation of misleading information in its News Feed, where a tremendous number of people receive information every day — 1.18 billion people, according to the social network’s own numbersRead more…

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Wearing Snapchat Spectacles made me feel like a hipster spy



Getting my hands on a pair of Snapchat Spectacles felt like getting a golden ticket.

Only instead of Willy Wonka greeting me at the “chocolate factory” (Venice Beach), there was just a bright yellow vending machine. And a line of hundreds of people also waiting to get the specs.

“That’s incredible,” one person said, admiring the “Snapbot” from afar. 

When I finally got them — thanks to a friend at the front of the line who got one for me — I realized why everyone is so excited.

Not only are the glasses a cool tech gadget, they actually look cool when you’re wearing them. Read more…

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Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headphones beat most competitors for half the money



Two years ago, Plantronics, a company best-known for Bluetooth headsets, released the BackBeat Pro, a pair of full-sized, wireless, noise-cancelling headphones with a ton of options for 250 bucks. 

Back then, the iPhone still had a headphone jack, and wireless headphones that could also cancel outside noise and had decent battery life were quite rare, so the BackBeat Pro immediately became one of the best choices in the space. 

Now, two years later, Plantronics followed up with the BackBeat Pro 2; not so much a successor but a rethinking of their original idea. And despite some minor flaws I found in about a week of use, I declare them a success.  Read more…

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60 heavily discounted Best Buy Black Friday deals you don't want to miss



Get your wallet out because it’s shopping season.

Best Buy just released its shopping deals for Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of the year. 

For techies, it means lots and lots of new gadgets at discounted prices. We’ve combed through Best Buy’s 48-page Black Friday preview site for the best deals. Here are the best ones ones we could find. (Note, the deals aren’t live until Nov. 24.) There’s tons more from smart home devices to car gadgets to fridges to headphones so be sure to look hop on over to BB’s site for the full preview.

4K TVs

75-inch Sony Smart 4K Ultra HD TV$2,499.98 $3,299.99 Read more…

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Visit Uluru in virtual reality for the first time ever, with new airline app



There’s often a sense of trepidation when booking a visit to a tourist destination never been to before. A new virtual reality app from Australian airline Qantas is here to help. 

Would-be travellers, bored daydreamers and anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of nature can now experience some of Australia’s most-loved natural wonders from the comfort of their phone.

Qantas VR features iconic destinations captured in 360 degree video. There are 13 different experiences to choose from, with more to be added progressively. 

The airline was granted permission to capture aerial views of sacred sites at Uluru and Kata Tjuta  for the first ever, working in partnership with Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Board and the Film and Photography Consultative Committee.  Read more…

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