What to do with your possibly explosive Galaxy Note7



If you have a Galaxy Note7 and haven’t heard about its big problem yet – put the possibly explosive device down.

Samsung halted new shipments of the device Friday and may recall Note7s that are already in customers’ hands.

The South Korean tech giant gave a statement to Mashable, claiming that the problem was a battery cell issue.

Samsung was a little unclear as to what Note7 users should do with their current devices. They said they’re working on replacing the phones, but didn’t mention what users should do in the meantime.  Read more…

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How much does the iPhone's headphone jack matter to you?



Can you live without a headphone jack? For millions of iPhone owners, they’re about to find out, assuming reports (and there are many) that the iPhone 7 will be the first smartphone from Apple to do away with the venerable audio port. Apple’s fall event is less than a week away, and it’s of course the topic of our weekly MashTalk podcast.

It all comes down to what Apple does. There’s still a chance it won’t kill the iPhone headphone jack, but assuming it does, what will be in the box? Wireless headphones? Lightning headphones? Regular headphones with a dongle? Just a dongle? We sort out the possibilities and more in this episode, where we’re joined by special guest Mashable Creative Producer Sam Sheffer. Read more…

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The 9 most impressive social good innovations from August



Socially conscious inventors are the true champions of global progress, though they are rarely recognized.

Their innovations and inventions shake up our world, tackling some of the planet’s biggest problems with bold ingenuity. From tiny gadgets that can cleanse water in a flash to satellites that are mapping global poverty in an unprecedented way, innovations are constantly making strides toward solving massive social problems.

These nine innovations sought to tackle global inequality in August. Read more…

1. The clothing line meant to help curb Zika virus

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This Poké Ball phone battery is perfect for hardcore 'Pokémon Go' players



BERLIN — Battery packs have only one purpose: to charge up your phone and gadgets on the go. They don’t look cool — they’re batteries.

This Poké Ball-shaped battery pack that I found at one obscure Chinese booth at tech show IFA 2016, however, might be the coolest battery pack I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for Pokémon Go addicts.

The one I checked out has 12,000 mAh, which is enough to charge an iPhone 6S a little more than six times. That’s plenty of power for playing Pokémon Go all day.

Image: michael rathmayr/mashable Read more…

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Virtual reality massage is the ultimate way to chill out



BERLIN — In Fragments of a Hologram Rose, William Gibson’s first published short story, the protagonist has insomnia. To induce sleep, he uses a virtual reality tape that takes him to a yoga class on an exotic beach. 

I remembered this story as I leaned into a massage chair and put on a VR headset that took me to a similar beach, a masseur in front of me telling me to relax and showing me how to breathe properly. 

The five-minute experience, courtesy of a health-oriented, German company called Medisana, was not long enough for me to completely forget that I was actually surrounded by dozens of people visiting the IFA trade show in Berlin, but it was definitely one of the better uses of VR tech I’ve experienced.  Read more…

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These pics of a burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are terrifying



Samsung is to issue a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 after finding batteries in some of the flagship phones have exploded while charging.

In a statement sent to Mashable, the tech giant said 35 such cases had been reported globally. 

Customers who have already bought the gadget will be able to swap them for new smartphones in coming weeks.

An investigation by the company found that a battery cell produced by one of Samsung’s two battery suppliers was responsible for the phone catching fire, Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s mobile business, told The Associated Press.  Read more…

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