What's new with iOS 9.3?



In this Ask A Dev, iOS Engineer Sam Stigler shares his enthusiasm for Apple’s surprisingly robust “minor” iOS update, 9.3. You’ll feel the same once he finishes rattling off all the enhanced features.

From Night Shift — a screen mode that reduces the amount of blue light in your display to help you fall asleep easier -– to some significant advancements in their education offerings, Stigler says Apple has really outdone themselves with this iteration of iOS 9. Press play to watch him sing all of their praises and learn more about what Apple has done with CarPlay, its news app, health app and notes app Read more…

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Some users can now easily switch between Instagram accounts on iPhone



One feature noticeably missing from Instagram — the lack of support for switching among multiple accounts — may not be an area for complaint anymore.

The feature is already live on iOS for some users, according to a report by the blog Latergramme (which is not officially associated with Instagram). Currently, you have to log out of one account and log into another, which can get tedious

Based on the screenshots some users posted to Latergramme’s Facebook group, the new feature looks fairly straightforward. If you have access to more than one Instagram account, you can add each one in the app’s settings and switch among them as you see fit Read more…

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The problem with schools requiring students to wear fitness trackers



Oral Roberts University, a Christian school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, announced in early January that all its first-year students must wear Fitbits, a fitness tracker that monitors a person’s physical activity

The program is open to all students, but mandatory for any freshmen or transfer students.

Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Kathaleen Reid-Martinez spoke with Mashable about the plan. While the concept is nothing new for the school, the integration of technology is.

Oral Roberts was founded 50 years ago and has maintained a “Whole Person” philosophy of education, which means education of the body, mind and spirit. Every on-campus student at ORU is required to take Health and Physical Education (HPE) courses every semester Read more…

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Nintendo hits snooze button on its sleep tracking gadget



More than a year after Nintendo announced it was developing a fun game-y spin on sleep tracking gadgets, the company is putting the initiative on hold indefinitely.

Nintendo originally planned to launch the device called QOL Sensor — a fatigue- and sleep-monitoring device that goes on your nightstand (abbreviated for “quality of life”) — in the first quarter of 2016. But company president Tatsumi Kimishima gave an update about the product during an investors briefing and said the gadget was no longer in the works, according to a Wired report.

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Android Wear update lets you make calls with your smartwatch



Dick Tracy would be proud: A new Android Wear update, announced Thursday, lets smartwatch users make calls only by using their watch, provided it has a microphone and a speaker

Until now, it was only possible to monitor calls and answer or decline them from your watch; now, you can actually make calls by talking into your watch. Unfortunately, the choice of Android Wear devices that have a speaker is currently very slim, and includes only the Huawei watch and the Asus ZenWatch 2 (49mm).

The new update brings several other improvements as well: You can now send messages by using your voice through several messaging platforms, including Google Hangouts, Nextplus, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp. The syntax for doing this is “OK Google, send a (service name) message to (contact name).” Read more…

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See a guy summon his Tesla with an Apple Watch



Tesla’s Summon feature, which lets you call upon the car to unpark itself out of the garage and arrive at your doorstep, is cool enough by itself, but it’s infinitely more cooler when you do it from an Apple Watch

While this is not officially supported by Tesla — normally, you activate Summon by pressing a button on your key fob or phone — it’s possible thanks to a third-party app called Remote S for Tesla

The app, created by iOS developer Allen Wong, lets you see some basic info about your Tesla car, including charging status, speed, position and temperature, and it also lets you perform some basic tasks, such as starting the car or unlocking it. Read more…

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