India was gripped by fictional girl, as its search trends for 2016 reveal


This year, Indians moved on from obsessing over porn star-turned-actress Sunny Leone, to look for a person on the internet who doesn’t even exist.

In 2015, Sunny Leone was the most Googled personality in India. This year, however, she couldn’t make the top 10.

But someone else was high up on the search rankings. Sonam Gupta, who was much discussed amid the country’s major demonetization move, ranked third as most searched person in India this year, according to Google India’s trending metrics. 

The only problem? She doesn’t exist.  Read more…

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Over 150 photojournalists and filmmakers demand better encryption in cameras


Photojournalists and filmmakers of all stripes have joined together to send a message to the world’s leading camera manufacturers: give us better tools to protect our media. 

In an open letter published by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, over 150 concerned photojournalists and documentary filmmakers from around the world signed on to urge Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus and Fuji to develop better encryption systems for cameras.  

Although all types of journalists face risks while covering controversial or dangerous events, the work of photographers and videographers is especially vulnerable to tampering and theft. Most modern devices that store data, like computers and smartphones, provide built-in encryption systems.  Read more…

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Goodbye Pirate Bay: It's D-Day for illegal downloading sites in Australia


Say goodbye to Pirate Bay, Australia. (At least, until you figure out how to use a VPN.)

In a landmark case in the Federal Court in Sydney Thursday, Justice Nicholas ordered internet providers “take reasonable steps” to block websites including Solar Movie, Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound and IsoHunt.  

Under a site blocking law passed in 2015, Foxtel and Roadshow applied to the court in February for an injunction to force internet service providers (ISPs) such as Telstra and Optus to block sites that they claimed had the “primary purpose” of supporting copyright infringement.  Read more…

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It took less than a day for California to crack down on Uber's self-driving cars


Those self-driving Uber cars that started picking up passengers Wednesday morning in the company’s hometown of San Francisco have already been ordered to pull over — less than a day into the pilot program.

State regulators cracked down on the ride-hailing company’s autonomous vehicle program that was knowingly operating without a permit. Uber hadn’t registered for the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program when the cars started driving this morning.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles later Wednesday sent a letter to Uber’s Anthony Levandowski asking the company to cease operations immediately or face legal action. Read more…

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5 ways to keep your holiday shopping secret


The holidays are tough enough without every single surprise you have planned being spoiled by the stupid internet.

Wherever you shop and whatever you shop for, you are being tracked. It’s not such a big deal in the summer, when shopping for flip-flops results in every single website you look at thrusting fresh flip-flop ads in your face

During the holidays, though, you’re busy trying to keep presents secrets and equally busy not leaving the couch while doing all your holiday shopping online. 

The internet couldn’t care less. Ad networks pick up the news that your girlfriend is getting a Go Pro and then the only ads your computer shows are for Go Pros and Go Pro knock-offs. Those ads appear on websites and even on social media networks like Facebook.  Read more…

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Oculus Medium hands-on: Now everyone gets to be a 3D artist


VR sculpting tool, Oculus Medium, was released to the public last week. And it may just be the most powerful demonstration of just how monumental the Oculus Rift — used in concert with its Touch controllers — can be. 

Even the most mainstream users will find it easy to grok. 

After living with Oculus Medium for about a week, here are some of the most important things about this groundbreaking app that you should know. 


Although most people could begin engaging the app with no guidance, I strongly recommend you take at least a couple of the brief tutorials offered.  Read more…

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