An English version of China's biggest taxi app is coming, but there's a small problem


China’s top (and pretty much monopolist) taxi app, Didi Chuxing, is quietly trialing an English version.

The app, which doesn’t even have an English listing in the App Store yet, started showing English translations to some users, according to Shanghai resident, Mathieu Bouchara.

Bouchara said that not only was his app’s interface in English, Chinese addresses were also getting automatically translated.

However, this might be more trouble than it’s worth for English-speaking users, he noted in an email. Read more…

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This wearable can turn your dance moves into music


Making music you can dance to is so 2017. 

But dancing to make music is, potentially, the future.

That’s clearly the perspective of Daigo Kusunoki, an engineer who loves to dance. The twin wristbands he’s showing off this week at the New York Toy Fair, called BeatMoovz by Dmet Products, are the product of that dual love affair.

Inside each soft-rubber BeatMoovz wristband is a Bluetooth radio and an accelerometer. Every time Kusunoki moved his wrists, a nearby JBL speaker emitted a beat. Each band is connected to the BeatMoovz app, which has a library of 400 different sounds. Wearers can assign different sounds or instruments to each band.  Read more…

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'Lightseekers' puts the action back into action figures


Lightseekers, the role-playing game from Play Fusion and TOMY that seeks to bring video game action into the real world, has made the transition from Kickstarter to store shelves. 

On Saturday, at the New York Toy Fair, the makers announced that the game will get Toys “R” Us distribution, with pre-sales starting in April.

The game has come a long way since Play Fusion first showed it to us in October. Back then, the action figures were so unfinished, they wouldn’t let us photograph them.

Now, this video/real-world/augmented reality mashup looks ready for action. Read more…

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Apple's latest ad campaign uses giant tweets to convince you to buy an iPad Pro


Is Apple trying to tell us something? 

The tech giant’s latest iPad Pro ads heavily feature Twitter — but nope, Apple isn’t buying the social network. 

The ads all feature giant print-outs of tweets. The tweets seem to be from regular Twitter users who are either skeptical about getting an iPad or frustrated with their old laptops and Wi-Fi. 

Rumors swirled back in October that Apple or Google would make a bid for Twitter, which was reportedly seeking a buyer. 

Since then, others have argued that it’s unlikely Apple would want to take on Twitter, which loses money and comes with a lot of baggage (alt-right Nazi trolls, anyone?).  Read more…

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The week in apps: Yahoo gets caller ID, Yelp does 411, and more


With a fresh wave of iPhone rumors suggesting Apple’s next phone could ditch the home button, and news that Apple is moving its annual developer conference back to San Jose for the first time in years, you may have lost track of some of the best new apps.

Luckily, we’re keeping score for you for you. Each week, we round up the latest app news, along with a few of our favorite new and updated apps, to keep you in the loop with everything coming to your phone.

Here’s what we were following this week.

Yelp gets Q&A

In what has to be one of Yelp’s more useful recent updates, the service now has an official question and answer feature so users can ask and answer question about restaurants and other businesses.  Read more…

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