Facebook is finally bringing live streaming to everyone



Facebook just flipped the switch on its live streaming feature in its iOS app.

The social network is expanding its live streaming capabilities to all of its iOS users in the U.S. The company first began experimenting with live video last year but Thursday’s update marks the first time Facebook has made the feature widely available.

The new feature, which Facebook is calling “Live,” now appears in the “update status” menu next to the check-in pin that allows you to share your location. Live videos on Facebook work similarly to Periscope broadcasts: you can begin a live stream with a brief description, and once you’re live, viewers can comment on streams in real time. When you’re finished, you have the option to save the video and share it on your timeline Read more…

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Your iPhone's Chrome browser is getter faster and more stable



If your iOS Chrome browser has been crashing a lot lately, fear not — Google is releasing an update to Chrome that reduces crashing by 70%.

According to a Chromium blog post, the open-source browser project that Google bases Chrome off of, Chrome 48 is a much more stable and faster app than the previous version. With the release of iOS 8 in September 2014, Apple introduced an updated engine that allowed Google to tinker with the Chrome app to make some much-needed improvements.

As a non-default browser in iOS, Chrome has to provide a stable and well-performing app in order to attract people away from the built-in Safari app, which recently had to fix its own crashing issues. According to StatCounter, Chrome has continued to beat out Safari as the favorite mobile and tablet browser worldwide, and increased stability and speed could help Chrome hold that title. Read more…

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Apple recalls some AC power plugs that could 'break and create risk of electrical shock'



Apple is recalling some of its two-prong AC wall plug adaptors designed for use in continental Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Argentina and Brazil.

These aren’t the power bricks themselves, but rather the adaptor plugs that fit into the iPad or Mac bricks. (They are frequently called “duckheads.”)

Apple says that “in very rare cases,” the adaptor plugs could “break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched.” These types of plugs have been available in various Mac and iOS products between 2003 and 2015

Apple added that other wall plug adapters, including those designed for Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States — as well as Apple USB power adapters — are not affected. Read more…

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Microsoft grabs surfacephone.com domain. You do the math.



A Surface-branded smartphone could be coming soon.

Reddit user nok4us noticed Microsoft now owns surfacephone.com; the URL redirects to the company’s Surface website. Microsoft also snatched up surfacecar.com, although it’s less likely that an actual Surface car is going to be announced any time soon.

While owning the domain isn’t confirmation that a Surface Phone really is coming, the possibility of Microsoft releasing such a device isn’t completely unrealistic.

Last December, Windows Central published a report saying Microsoft had abandoned an Intel-powered Windows 10 Mobile phone and had switched gears to building a Surface phone for release in the second half of 2016 Read more…

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4 ways Facebook can dominate Google and the world



Facebook is unstoppable: Quarter after quarter of growth and revenue success. A mobile profile that virtually every other tech company would die for. Lots of hidden innovation goodies that have yet to see the light of day.

Many people talk about how Facebook is going right after Twitter. This is comical since the two social networks are barely in the same arena. Facebook raced ahead while Twitter stagnated on growth and struggled to expand beyond its core utility. Twitter is making money, but Facebook has resources to burn and it’s investing in all kinds of big ideas that could change not just the way we engage on the social platform, but how we live in the world. Read more…

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Microsoft and the NFL's $400 million marketing fumble



Most sports fans try to ignore the ancillary marketing surrounding the games we love. It’s unavoidable, certainly — no one is claiming not to see and hear those taglines and messages. But it’s all just part of the landscape, blending together into one amorphous CocaAdidaDraftStarKingWars blob

But there is an exception to this rule: We notice the the fails. Ohhh, do we notice — and ohh ,does schadenfreude follow. That is precisely the predicament Microsoft finds itself in on the eve of Super Bowl 50.

A $400 million marketing deal struck with the NFL in 2013 has most visibly delivered nothing but embarrassing press for the company’s Surface tablet Read more…

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