Sorry guys. Foxtel will have 'Game of Thrones' practically forever.


There may only be 13 episodes left of Game of Thrones, but Foxtel has ’em in its rictus grip.

The Australia subscription TV provider has ensured it will remain the home of HBO shows in Australia in a new deal announced Tuesday.

Foxtel will continue to have right of first run and “on demand rights” for HBO content, it said in an emailed statement, giving it dibs on highly regarded shows including The Night Of, The Jinx, The Wire and VEEP. Not to mention your right to know if Jon Snow is actually you know who’s son.

Game of Thrones was a smashing success for Foxtel, with the final episode of Season 6 apparently pulling in an overnight audience of 737,000. It was also, by all accounts, a smashing success for pirates, with Australians eagerly downloading the episode illegally online. Read more…

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India's Reliance Jio draws big queues for SIM cards but leaves many disappointed


Even India’s richest man is unable to quench the country’s thirst for free voice calls and high-speed internet connectivity.

Life is slow for those looking for a Reliance Jio SIM card. Long queues were seen outside Reliance digital stores in India on Monday, the day the 4G LTE network became available to everyone in the country. But despite waiting for hours in the queue, most people returned to their homes without a new connection.

After testing its new 4G LTE network for months with roughly two million people, Reliance Industries announced earlier this month that its new telecom service Jio will be available to all starting Sept. 5. In a price sensitive market such as India’s, Jio’s free voice calls and “unlimited” 4G data offering is naturally attracting thousands of people to its stores. Read more…

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Michael Kors smartwatches are exactly what Android Wear needs


Smartwatches have changed a lot since the release of the Apple Watch.

Once a mess of myriad operating systems and designs, the smartwatch space has morphed into a trinary system with the vertices consisting of the Apple Watch, Google’s Android Wear platform and Samsung’s Gear watches. (Pebble and a few others are still around, but lack the gravity of the three majors.) Which one you choose depends mostly on what type of phone you have.

But that’s changing, too. About a year ago Google made its Android Wear watches compatible with iPhones. (Samsung has promised the same for its Gear line.) Initially only a few watches were compatible, but today it’s virtually impossible to buy an Android Wear watch that won’t work with iOS. Read more…

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Use the porn site Brazzers? Your details could've been leaked online


Here we are again. 

At least 790,724 unique email addresses and passwords for the porn site Brazzers have been exposed online, Motherboard reports. The details, provided by the data breach-monitoring site apparently came from an accompanying user forum, “Brazzersforum,” rather than Brazzers itself.

According to the site Have i been pwned?, run by security analyst Troy Hunt who also helped confirm the breach, each record in the dataset included a username, email address and password stored in plain text. Storing in plain text means the details were just there for the taking. Read more…

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Report: Apple has more than 50% of Australia's smartwatch market


One day away from launching its iPhone 7, Apple has some good news out of Australia.

A new report suggests the Apple Watch has captured more than 50 percent of the smartwatch market in the country, followed by the Samsung Gear and Fitbit Blaze.

That’s after a slow start for the smartwatch category generally. According to technology analysis firm Telsyte, smartwatch sales made up one third of the wearable technology market in the first half of 2016 compared to less than a quarter in early 2015.

Sales of smartwatches grew by 89 percent in the first half of 2016 compared with first half of 2015. Read more…

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