How Oculus could revive the 3D-printing revolution that never happened


The last thing anyone expected from virtual reality was the ability to create things that can live in the real world, but that’s exactly what Oculus delivered last week with the release of Oculus Medium. 

Although we’ve shown how the app allows you to sculpt in VR — in the same vein as Google’s paint-in-midair VR app Tilt Brush — what may not be obvious to many is that anything you create in the app can instantly exported to an .obj file (the standard format for virtual 3D objects) that can then be sent to most 3D printers for fabrication.

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Hey, San Francisco: Your next Uber might just drive itself


If you’re in San Francisco looking for a ride, you might be among the first to be picked up by an autonomous vehicle.

Uber is rolling out self-driving cars in the city Starting Wednesday, making it the second location in the company’s autonomous initiative. Pittsburgh, home to the company’s Advanced Technology Center, debuted the pilot program back in September

The self-driving vehicles, all Volvo XC90s courtesy of the Uber/Volvo partnership, will be matched with riders who request an uberX. Instead of displaying a driver’s profile, the app will notify users the car on the way is a “Self-Driving Uber,” with the option to cancel the trip and re-request a standard ride.   Read more…

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Silicon Valley elites just played an awkward round of icebreakers with Trump


Trump Tower was buzzing with excitement on Wednesday afternoon as Silicon Valley giant after giant made their way through the golden lobby to meet with the president-elect.

Though much of the meeting is being kept under wraps, video of the meeting room and a short introduction was obtained by Fox News and NowThis Politics.

As he sat at a table surrounded by tech elites like Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Tesla’s Elon Musk, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, and of course, his children and Mike Pence, Trump said, “I’m here to help you folks do well, and you’re doing well right now.” He added that Peter Thiel, the guy who brought down Gawker and is now operating as a presidential adviser, helped make the invite list for the meeting.  Read more…

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The FBI wants you to know hacking is bad, fellow kids


Like everyone else, the FBI has had a tough 2016. Between their court battle with Apple and director James Comey’s controversial role in the presidential election, it’s been a wild ride — but is that any excuse for lame ass tweets?

This week, the intelligence service launched a public prevention campaign with Europol and other law enforcement agencies to address cybercrime amongst young adults.

However, the tweets promoting the campaign were borderline embarrassing and, well, can you just do a little better, please?

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Oculus Avatars lets you become the badass you really are in VR


One of the most fun parts of using the Oculus Rift is almost hidden in plain sight, and it’s called Oculus Avatars. 

The company rolled out fully customizable Avatars last week, but amid all the excitement around the Touch controllers and apps like Medium and Quill, some may have missed this other amazing new feature. 

Avatars is easily accessible through your Oculus Home menu and once you decide to edit your avatar you’re transported to a dressing room in an apartment that has a stunning view of a futuristic city (one of my favorite parts of Oculus are the amazingly designed menu rooms).  Read more…

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Bedroom not hot enough? Get a $250 lube warmer


If your bedroom doesn’t get quite hot enough when you’re getting intimate, why not consider an electric lube warmer?

Pulse is a new device retailing for $250. Plug it in and fill it with its own special lube (available flavors include H2Oh! and Aloe-ahh). Then, stick your hand under the top and watch the magic happen, just like an automatic soap dispenser.

Just maybe warn your partner that tonight’s petroleum might be a little warmer than usual.

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