Amazon's Echo Show has video streaming feature that plays Jimmy Fallon, CNN, CNBC, and more


It turns out that Amazon’s new Echo Show isn’t just a hyped-up, touchscreen-touting version of the company’s speaker product, it’s also a stealth smart TV, too.

Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, revealed a new Echo Show feature on Wednesday that gives users the ability to stream on demand video, including Fallon’s daily monologue, via the device’s video screen. 

The feature is called Flash Briefing and it should already be familiar to anyone who’s received audio news updates on the Amazon Echo, with the Echo’s audio version of Flash Briefing. Read more…

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A new ransomware is sweeping the globe, but there's a vaccine


It’s a familiar story: You boot up your computer only to find a mysterious message saying your files are encrypted. You soon realize that your data is likely gone for good — even if you fork over a cryptocurrency ransom payment. 

But this time around, as a new and virulent form of ransomware dubbed NotPetya sweeps the globe, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Because this time around, there’s a vaccine. 

What is NotPetya?

The first symptoms of the attack appeared on June 27 in Ukraine, with the National Bank of Ukraine and the Kiev International Airport both hit hard. Even Chernobyl’s radiation monitoring system has reportedly been affected. But NotPetya, which targets the Windows operating system, didn’t stay thereMicrosoft has confirmed that computers in 64 additional countries have been infected.  Read more…

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Zombie Galaxy Note 7s are coming to South Korea, because nothing ever dies


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is the smartphone equivalent of a daytime soap opera character: just when you think it’s died dramatically in a fire and been stricken from the storyline, it pops up again.

The South Korean company announced its plans to sell the retooled phones in its native country and other international markets back in March (as part of an environmental initiative to recycle the recalled devices), but there was no set date for the phone’s release.

Now, it appears Samsung is ready to bring the Note 7 back to its home country with a rumored July 7 launch date of a new version of the ill-fated flagship. The zombie release will be called the Galaxy Note 7 FE, for Fandom Edition, according to a Wall Street Journal report.  Read more…

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The sideways moving magical elevators from 'Harry Potter' could soon become a reality


It’s been 160 years since the first cable elevator was invented and it has come to define how we build any high-rise building. 

A German company is looking to change that with their multi-directional elevator system that uses magnetic levitation and linear motors to allow sideways movement and greater speed. Read more…

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This app wants to help you speed through your reading list


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How’s that summer reading list coming along? 

Being well-read is a huge time commitment, and you’re not alone if the prospect of reading through a stack of books makes you want to give up and see what’s new on Netflix. A new app known as Instaread wants to help by delivering the major takeaways for hundreds of NYT bestsellers in 30-minute increments. Think CliffsNotes for adults (or wannabe adults).  

The habit of accumulating books and never reading them is apparently so common that the Japanese have a dedicated word for it: Tsundoku. Instaread aims to be the digital remedy for this literary ailment by putting digestible summaries of popular titles on your smartphone.  Read more…

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