Microsoft adds QR codes to the Blue Screen of Death



Windows crashes are traditionally accompanied by the annoyingly hard-to-understand blue screen with information about the error that caused the crash, commonly known as the “Blue Screen of Death.” Now, it seems Microsoft is finally updating the BSoD to make it a little more helpful to users. 

A Reddit user posted an image of the new BSoD late last week, generated in a Windows 10 version identified by The Register as Insider Preview build 14316. Besides the standard notification that your PC “ran into a problem” and a short description of the issue, the BSoD now also contains a QR code users can hit up to learn more about the problem plaguing their PC.  Read more…

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How to watch Mark Zuckerberg's keynote at the Facebook F8 conference



Facebook will soon kick off one of its biggest events of the year: its annual F8 developer conference.

This year promises to be one of the biggest events in recent memory, with Facebook expected to announce new software that will allow developers to create bots for Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote will kick off beginning at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday when he is scheduled to take the stage at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

In addition to bots, we’re expecting Facebook’s chief executive to spend some time talking about its artificially intelligent assistant M and the company’s other A.I. initiatives. We’re also likely to hear a lot about the company’s live-streaming product, Facebook Live, as well as 360-degree video for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Read more…

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Nick Jonas, Chloe Sevigny embrace Apple Watch in new ads



Apple’s celebrity-driven marketing push doesn’t just extend to the iPhone and Apple TV: The company is harnessing the power of fame to push the Apple Watch as well.

The ads, which were posted on Monday, feature big names like singer Nick Jonas, old school rocker Alice Cooper (playing golf!) and actor Chloë Sevigny. Unlike previous celebrity Apple ads — which focus on humorous skits or everyday situations — performers are featured in staged environments that are more conceptual than realistic

Also included in the series of eight ads — which demonstrate a number of features, from fitness tracking to checking the weather — is Stephen Colbert’s band leader, Jon Batiste Read more…

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IBM Watson enlists in the war on cancer



In the U.S., 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 in women will develop cancer over the course of their lifetimes.

That sobering statistic comes direct from the American Cancer Society, a non-profit organization with roughly a century-worth of data on the disease. Now it’s finally taking that data, some 14,000 pages on 70 different cancer topics, as well as risks, treatments and prevention and pouring it into one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence engines: IBM Watson.

Cancer care and research is changing on almost a daily basis. “It’s humanly impossible for any doctor to know all this information,” said IBM’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Kyu Rhee told Mashable. Read more…

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HTC strikes back with the HTC 10



HTC’s not giving up on premium smartphones just yet. After last year’s One M9 failed to impress and the launch of the One A9 iPhone-lookalike was essentially a stopgap, the Taiwanese tech company is back with the new HTC 10.

I’ve spent some time with the HTC 10, and it’s everything the One M9 should have been. It’s a sensible evolution of its all-metal flagship phones with a back camera that doesn’t suck.

The HTC 10 feels great in the hand due to its curved back and large beveled chamfer that makes it feel thinner than it is. I wasn’t sure about the chamfer at first, but after a few minutes with the phone, I started to really like it. It gives the HTC 10 a distinct identity and definitely makes it stand out from other devices. Read more…

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New Alcantara Type Cover will fancify your Surface Pro 4 for $160



Surface Pro 4 owners in need of a cover/keyboard combo have just gotten another official option: The Alcantara-covered Signature Type Cover. 

The new Type Cover costs $159.99, and doesn’t offer any novelties in terms of functionality. It is, however, covered in two-tone gray Alcantara, a luxury synthetic material manufactured by the Milan-based company of the same name, similar to suede leather but more durable and resistant to stains.

According to Microsoft, the Alcantara used on the new Type Cover is “wonderfully soft to touch” and “ages beautifully.” The promo video (below) will do little to convince you of either claim, but you will get a very detailed look at the new cover and the manufacturing process behind it.  Read more…

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