What kind of person pre-orders a Tesla Model 3?



By Saturday, Tesla Motors had secured over 276,000 pre-orders for its new mass-market Model 3.

For as shocking — and truly unprecedented — a figure as that is, perhaps even more surprising was the fact that some 115,000 of those orders were placed before the car had even been unveiled.

I am sure, like many of you, this left us at Mashable scratching our heads.

Who, we wondered, are these people that would plunk down $1,000 (albeit fully refundable) on a car they hadn’t driven, knew little about, and wouldn’t be able to actually buy in full for approximately two years? Read more…

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Samsung patents smart contact lenses with a built-in camera



In the future, we could all be wearing smart contact lenses, like the ones secret agents use in movies.

Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for contact lenses with a display that projects images directly into wearer’s eyes, according to the Samsung-focused blog SamMobileA built-in camera and sensors are controlled by blinking.

Embedded antennas then beam content to an external smartphone-like device for processing.

According to SamMobile’s report, Samsung started developing smart contact lenses as a means to create a better augmented reality experience than the ones that exist through Google Glass-like wearables. Smart contact lenses would allow AR to be projected right into a person’s eyes and be more invisible at the same time. Read more…

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Turn your entire living room into a virtual space with the HTC Vive



While virtual reality offers the promise to step into another world, the current crop of headsets don’t really let you step anywhere. You’re pretty much sitting on the couch the whole time. The HTC Vive tries to change that with its sensors and controls, letting you experience an entire room of virtual realityMashable Games Editor Chelsea Stark puts on one of these headsets and tells you all you need to know before putting in your order for a VR headset

More on the VR experience with HTC Vive: http://on.mash.to/1q4hcFN Read more…

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WhatsApp now supports end-to-end encryption on all its apps



WhatsApp just got a whole lot more secure.

All of the messages and calls made through the app are now fully encrypted on all its platforms, WhatsApp’s founders revealed Tuesday. 

All users need to do to ensure their messages, calls and photos are fully encrypted is make sure they have the latest version of the app. The new security features also apply to WhatsApp’s Windows Phone, BlackBerry and feature phone apps. 

The app will send users a notification once their conversations in the app become fully encrypted, and the lock icon will also appear in a chat’s preferences section.  Read more…

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Autonomous taxis may soon be coming to Singapore



One of the challenges of successfully deploying autonomous cars in major, congested cities is the sheer logistical hurdles involved in introducing driverless cars onto streets that in some cases are hundreds of years old

That’s why Singapore, a relatively young but incredibly rich and advanced city, is the perfect setting to bring autonomous cars to the public — a task that a startup called nuTonomy plans to do

The company has plans to launch thousands of driverless taxis in Singapore, a move that could serve as a perfect test case for other major cities around the world looking to introduce driverless cars to their streets

In March, the nuTonomy autonomous vehicle passed its first obstacle course test in Singapore, according to a post from MIT, where nuTonomy co-founder Emilio Frazzoli serves as a professor of aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Read more…

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A 'Fitbit' for cows is here to help farmers get more milk out of their cattle



Dairy farming is one of the biggest industries in Pakistan, with an estimated 42 billion liters of milk production per year. With approximately 63 million animals producing milk and over eight million households involved in the trade, the country ranks as the fourth-highest milk producing nation globally.

Despite these rosy numbers, average milk yields per cow are abysmally low  estimated at only four to five liters per day during the lactation cycle. This pales in comparison to the United States  incidentally the world’s highest milk producing country  where cows yield on average 32 liters per day. Read more…

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