BoomStick creates room-filling audio in your head


Audio enhancement is never going to be an easy sell. You’re basically trying to sell something people don’t know they’re missing. Sure, the audio coming out of your everyday iPhone earbuds is “meh” at best, but for most people it’s good enough.

BoomCloud 360, though, contends it can fill in that aural gap that you didn’t know you were missing for $99.

The company’s device is called BoomStick and, despite the big-sounding name, it’s a relatively tiny, palm-sized device with a 3.5mm output port on one end and a 3.5mm input jack on the other. Read more…

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Google's new messaging app has Chrome, YouTube and search built in



We may have more messaging apps than ever before, but sharing with small groups is still a problem — at least, according to Google.

The company is hoping its new app, Spaces, will fix it. The messaging app, launching today on iOS, Android and the web, is aimed at small groups of people and has Google search, YouTube and Chrome baked in.

Not quite messaging and not quite a social network, Spaces is a “destination for when you want to share, and talk about what you’re sharing,” the app’s Product Director Luke Wroblewski, told Mashable. Read more…

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Smile for the world’s first automated selfie stick



Our obsession with selfies — we take millions of them a day — is finally generating something useful: innovation.

World, meet the automated selfie stick. It extends, or telescopes, on its own, has a pair of beauty lights that extend from the back of the iPhone holder and even fans that fold out to blow your hair back for that perfect, wind-swept look.

It’s the craziest and most impractical selfie stick ever. It’s also, sadly, not available for purchase.

Created by Thinkmodo — the madcap hacker/video-makers/marketers that brought you Devil Baby and Super Strong Meter Maid Lifting Taxi — the automated selfie stick is a working gadget, but there are only two (one is a backup) and they were built to promote the upcoming season of Lifetime’s Unreal. Read more…

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This could be our first real look at the iPhone 7



Is this what the iPhone 7 looks like?

It’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the design, but it certainly matches up with all the rumors we’ve been hearing for the last couple of months.

The Apple blog LetemSvetemApplem found the above image, of what appears to be the iPhone 7, posted to Weibo.

The purported iPhone 7 shows a metal unibody design, which is likely to have very similar dimensions to the existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Rumors suggest the iPhone 7 won’t come with a radically new design; Apple is reportedly saving that for next year. Read more…

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Tim Cook to make surprise visit to India tomorrow



Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to make his first visit to India tomorrow to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and announce the company’s plans for the country. .

The visit comes at a time when Apple is witnessing slowing sales in the West as well as China, which had emerged as the biggest market for the company outside the US. 

This will be Cook’s first official visit to India as Apple CEO. He will fly to the country from China, where he is currently visiting just days after the company announced a $1 billion investment in the local ride-hailing app and Uber’s main rival Didi Chuxing. Read more…

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British spy agency 'officially' joins Twitter, promptly follows James Bond


LONDON — The UK’s electronic surveillance and cyber security agency GCHQ has joined Twitter in an attempt to raise awareness about its work, tackle the image it gained after the 2013 Edward Snowden revelations and follow James Bond.

In its first tweet, the agency simply said “Hello, world,” a familiar phrase for people learning coding languages. 

Andrew Pike, Director of Communications at GCHQ, said: “In joining social media GCHQ can use its own voice to talk directly about the important work we do in keeping Britain safe”.

The move to the digital world comes after long months of debate within the agency, which even scrutinised the content of the first tweet for weeks, the Financial Times reported. Read more…

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