Google's Parsey McParseface helps machines understand English almost as well as humans


Understanding human language is easy for humans. Not so for machines; making them understand human sentences is one of the biggest challenges in today’s field of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Now, Google has open sourced its new English language parsing model, called Parsey McParseface (yes, really), which helps a computer understand human language with an amazing degree of accuracy. 

The process of parsing is analyzing a sentence according to grammar rules, and figuring out what it really means. Parsey McParseface is just the parser (Google tells us it had a problem figuring a good name, and then someone came up with that. We see a worrying trend here), a part of an open-source neural network framework called SyntaxNet.  Read more…

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LAPD finds Tesla impractical as a police cruiser


After a year of patrolling the streets of Los Angeles with a pair of Tesla Model S police cruisers, the LAPD just isn’t ready to convert to electric… yet.

LAPD Police Administrator Vartan Yegiyan told CNBC, “Tesla definitely stepped up and gave us the Model S to do some evaluation with them,” but added, “Is it practical now? No.”

There are many reasons the LAPD isn’t ready to patrol with a fleet of EVs — specifically Teslas. The two biggest concerns, however, are price and charging infrastructure.

Although the police-outfitted Ford Explorers that are beginning to dominate police departments around the U.S. aren’t cheap, running $40,000 to $50,000, they’re a sight cheaper than the $100,000 Model S. Read more…

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Google's new iPhone keyboard puts search, emojis and GIFs front and center



It must be iPhone keyboard season or something because it seems like everybody but Apple is hellbent on making a better keyboard.

Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard released last month makes one-handed texting easier, Giphy Keys is arguably the best GIF keyboard and now Google’s got its own Gboard keyboard.

Gboard isn’t simply Google Keyboard ported over to iOS. It’s chock full of Google features, like built-in Google search functionality.

Tapping the Google icon in Gboard opens up a Google search bar. From there, you can search for anything and instantly share them within an app like Messager or WhatsApp without needing to leave the app. Read more…

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GPS devices reveal what the U.S. is really doing with its toxic e-waste



A two-year investigation of electronics recycling using GPS tracking devices has revealed that policies aimed at curtailing the trade in toxic e-waste have been unsuccessful, with nearly one-third of the devices being exported to developing countries, where equipment is often dismantled in low-tech workshops — often by children — endangering workers, their families, and contaminating the surrounding environment.

A report from the Basel Action Network (BAN), a Seattle-based nonprofit devoted to ending the trade in toxic waste, raises major questions about U.S. government e-waste policies and oversight as well as the voluntary programs the electronics recycling industry relies on to ensure that this equipment is handled responsibly. BAN’s early data has already resulted in one major recycler losing an important certification as a responsible e-waste handler and launched state investigations into possible hazardous waste violations. The data BAN obtained with these tracking devices also shows equipment left at Read more…

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Nissan wants you to know Tesla doesn't have a lock on 'sustainable transport'



LONDON — Nissan threw an incredibly lavish event this week, 180 meters above the streets of London at the top of the city’s Gherkin building.

Under the iconic glass dome, journalists from across Europe mingled as a member of Clean Bandit spun tunes, and beams of light powered by a Nissan Leaf shot out into the sky.

Nissan was definitely trying to make a big splash and showed off some interesting technologies and announced a series of partnerships. But the event was really about Nissan staking its claim in the green energy space as it pertains to transportation — an area where discussion is often dominated by Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors
Read more…

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The top 10 most difficult tech jobs for companies to fill



Finding the perfect employee/employer match is a little like trying to find “the one.” It takes time, patience and often a little bit of compromise

Though there’s debate about whether or not there’s an actual “talent shortage” in the tech world, one thing is clear: Tech companies today struggle with hiring, particularly within a few specific roles. Candidates that are perfect fits for job titles such as database engineer or software architect simply aren’t a dime a dozen. Often, there are more job listings for such roles than available candidates

Below, we’ve created an infographic detailing the top positions that tech companies have a hard time filling Read more…

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