Tinder buys video app Wheel to make itself more like Snapchat


Tinder may soon look more like Snapchat.

The dating app — that definitely prefers not to be called a hookup app and actually has transformed into more of a social app (with features like Tinder Social) — bought the video app startup Wheel. 

Wheel’s signature product is an app that allows users to create video-based “stories,” not unlike what you see on Snapchat, Instagram and now even Facebook. 

Tinder is planning to integrate those video features into its own app, according to Variety. It’s another way to make Tinder take up more of your time, as users’ attention continues to be divided on the smartphone.  Read more…

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A photographer used an iPhone 7 Plus to take this stunning 'Billboard' magazine cover


There’s something special about the the Feb. 17 issue of Billboard Magazine, featuring former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello on the cover.

Can’t figure it out? OK, I’ll just tell you: It was photographed with an iPhone 7 Plus using Portrait mode. But there’s no way you’d have known that unless someone had told you.

The cover was shot by portrait photographer Miller Mobley, who has worked for Billboard before and has photographed celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, and Ryan Gosling. 

The project — specifically to shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode — however, was Billboard’s idea. Read more…

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Apple's war against you repairing your iPhone is pure corporate greed


You don’t own your iPhone. 

Not really, anyway: The software updates are administered by Apple, and if you break your touchscreen, the company does everything in its power to make sure you have to visit Apple’s licensed stores to fix it. Each little screw holding the device together is a special, proprietary design you won’t find in any standard toolbox. 

When you power on, you’re doing so at Apple’s mercy—no matter how many hundreds of dollars you paid for your iPhone. Your gadget’s on borrowed time. It’s just inevitable, at this point, that the device will be laid out by some future iOS update, or a touchscreen that short circuits after taking a spill on your bathroom tile.  Read more…

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No, you shouldn't be allowed to fix your own phone, 'Right-to-Repair' is a dumb idea


My co-worker, Tracey, held her iPhone like a baby bird with a bent wing. 

I stared at the dark screen. The device was still on, but stuck between the worlds of being living technology, and a busted iPhone. She explained that while making a phone call shortly after having third-party iPhone screen repair company iCracked replace her shattered iPhone 6 screen, the device made a popping sound, and got really hot in one corner. Then, her screen cracked, and burnt her ear. She wanted to know what to do. iCracked was ready to let the original technician repair her phone again. I warned her against it. The phone was obviously dangerous—and letting them touch it again probably wouldn’t help. Read more…

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