Volkswagen to pay diesel owners up to $7,000 each, report says


If $1,000 in gift cards wasn’t enough to satiate irked Volkswagen diesel owners, do you think $7,000 will do the trick?

On June 28, Volkswagen will reportedly submit a plan to a U.S. district court judge proposing the German automaker pay up to $7,000 to each owner of one of its diesel-powered cars affected by dieselgate, according to Bloomberg. Additionally, it will also finance a program aimed to offset air pollution. All told, the plan would cost VW $10 billion.

However, not every owner will receive the full $7,000. Depending on the age of the vehicle, along with other factors, owners would receive cash payments between $1,000 and $7,000. Read more…

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7 useful tips that every Windows 10 user should know


Windows 10 is unequivocally Microsoft’s best operating system release in years

That’s not saying much since Windows 8 was a huge mess, and Windows 10 is basically an open admission that jettisoning the Start menu and de-emphasizing the desktop was a huge mistake.

But that’s OK, because in the tech world, no company is perfect. With Windows 10, we’ve forgiven all of the sins accrued under ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. 

Windows 10 is a solid modern operating system and anyone who preaches “OS X FTW, Windows sUx0Rz, lololol, Linux 4lyfe” without having used it is simply ignorant. Read more…

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Apple may be developing fancy, high-tech styluses with new patent


When Apple unveiled its own version of the stylus in 2015, the Apple Pencil, it wasn’t the most exciting development to come from the company. After all, we’ve all seen styluses before.

Now it looks like Apple could be experimenting with giving the tried-and-true styles a technological upgrade, according to Apple Insider. An Apple patent published Thursday details a stylus with a touch-sensitive body, meaning it can detect your fingers’ positions, rotation and how much force is being used.

With these capabilities, Apple said the device’s use could change depending on how a user holds the stylus or if they perform a gesture, like moving a finger up the length of it. Read more…

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Ask Siri about 'Game of Thrones' right now


Like the rest of us, Siri is obsessed with Game of Thrones. In the lead-up to the season 6 GoT finale, Siri is offering some fun comments you can enjoy whether you’re a denizen of Westeros or someplace else.

Ask Siri on the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV some Game of Thrones related queries and see what pops up.

Siri answers Game of Thrones queries

Try asking Siri “Are you watching Game of Thrones” or “Have you been watching Game of Thrones” and enjoy the results.

We’re sure she’ll be tuning in on Sunday.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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We tried to 'Escape the Room' in a Ford Escape


What do you get when you combine Escape the Room with a vehicle test drive? It turns out, a lot of fun.

If you’re not familiar, Escape the Room is a real-world puzzle game where teams of users have to follow clues to (surprise) escape a room. It’s fantastic.

This weekend, Ford has partnered with Escape the Room creator Victor Blake to set up an Escape the Room scenario that also acts as a soft sales pitch/test drive for the Ford Escape.

A few colleagues and I partook in the experience – which is taking place at Skylight at Moynihan Station in Midtown Manhattan until June 26 – earlier this morning. Read more…

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HP Spectre, the world's thinnest laptop, is so much more than just looks


PC makers have been trying to replicate the MacBook Air for years with little success.

Alternatives — including 2-in-1 convertibles, transformers and touchscreens — have intrigued customers, but none have been as popular Apple’s laptop. 

So HP decided on another strategy to compete with the MacBook Air: just get the basics right, with no gimmicky tricks.

HP’s new Spectre isn’t just the current world’s thinnest laptop — it’s also one of the most beautiful laptops ever created. And the Windows 10 machine looks good without compromising on ports or performance.  Read more…

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