Steve Wozniak slams Apple Watch for taking Apple into 'jewelry market'



Steve Wozniak has a love-hate relationship with Apple Watch.

In a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session Wednesday, the Apple co-founder criticized the soon-to-be-slightly-updated gadget, saying it’s undermining Apple’s core values. 

“I love my Apple Watch, but – it’s taken us into a jewelry market where you’re going to buy a watch between $500 or $1100 based on how important you think you are as a person,” he wrote. 

“Twenty watches from $500 to $1100. The band’s the only difference? Well this isn’t the company that Apple was originally, or the company that really changed the world a lot.” Read more…

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Hey New Yorkers, your drunken tweets were dissected by machines for science



So you’ve had a few too many. Everyone in your crew is either in the bathroom or at the bar, ordering more drinks. With nothing else to do, you whip up your phone, fire up Twitter, and start typing: “Thifs isz the best bar evah! The DJ hhere is, like, so goopd!”

Chances are, a computer can tell that was a drunken tweet, and — coupled with other (often publicly available) information, it can even tell how much you’ve been drinking and where. 

Researchers from the University of Rochester have developed a machine-learning algorithm that lets a computer catch tweets related to alcohol, as well as those sent by people who were drinking alcohol when they tweeted, the MIT Technology Review reports. Another algorithm they’ve created can find a tweeter’s home location with great accuracy. Put the two together, and you know if someone’s drinking at home or not.  Read more…

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How do I make Slack apps?



Web Developer DJ Karasek talks about the basics of making an app for Slack.

Slack is the go-to messaging app for teams of all sorts. Karasek assures us that whether you want to build an interactive bot or simply need to remind employees to submit their timesheets, you can get started with just a few tools and your favorite programming language.

New to development or a pro who needs help? Just tweet your question to #AskADev. We’ll pick the best ones and have a developer answer them.

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Samsung adorns its Gear S2 smartwatch with gold and diamonds



The world’s largest watch and jewelry show, Baselworld 2016, is currently underway in Basel, Switzerland, and while we didn’t expect an onslaught of smartwatches, we knew we’ll see some weird and/or expensive smart wearables. 

One falling into the latter camp is Samsung’s de Grisogono Gear S2 smartwatch — a collaboration between Samsung and watchmaker de Grisogono — which is embellished with rose gold and over 100 black and white diamonds. It also comes with a bracelet studded with de Grisogono’s signature galuchat (a type of rough, textured leather) and a few exclusive watch faces. 

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Not all women in tech have to be coders, but it helps



For many of the women who lead Australia’s technology industry, lacking a degree in computer science has not been a barrier to success. And, they say, it should not be one for other women either.

Speaking at the Females in IT and Telecommunications International Women’s Day luncheon in Sydney Wednesday, Kate Burleigh, managing director of Intel Australia, Pip Marlow, managing director of Microsoft Australia, Tara Commerford, managing director of GoDaddy in Australia and New Zealand, Sharryn Napier, vice president and regional director at Qlik, and Dr. Susan Pond, steering committee co-chair of Science in Australia Gender Equity, all shared their own unique career paths. Read more…

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Telstra goes down again, people can't drink beer or catch Ubers



Australians are getting thirsty and are stuck without a lift home. The Internet has disappeared and some people are struggling to remain calm.

On Thursday afternoon, Australia’s largest telecommunication company Telstra lost service across the country with calls and data being affectedMashable Australia attempted to contact Telstra, but unfortunately they use their own service.

We were in an Uber at the time of the outage — which is still ongoing — and got our Internet porting cut off. The Uber driver struggled to locate his destination, and said he would have to call it a night. If the service doesn’t resume soon, there will be loads of lost Sydneysiders roaming the streets trying to remember how to flag down taxis.  Read more…

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