Facebook wants to own the world, not save it


Mark Zuckerberg used nearly 6,000 words to describe the future of Facebook Thursday, but you could sum it up in two: global domination.

Sure, Facebook’s CEO appears more “woke” than ever. He meditates on substantive issues like inclusivity, the eradication of disease, responsible artificial intelligence and the future of media. 

And yet. In the simplest terms, his manifesto is about how the social network will continue to be a relevant online product as more of the world becomes connected. It explores how Facebook can become a key part of global “infrastructure,” to borrow a word Zuckerberg uses literally 24 times, that will make it an indispensable part of daily life for people across the planet. Read more…

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Please let 'Justice League' be as awesome as this RC Batmobile


Love the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or hate it, there’s no denying Batman has the coolest toys. The upcoming sequel, Justice League, promises to raise the bar for caped-crusader gadgetry and transform the Batmobile into the ultimate superhero vehicle.

We won’t see Bruce Wayne’s other car in theaters until December, but Mattel gave us a preview in the form of the most tricked out remote-control car we’ve ever seen.

The charcoal-gray, roughly 2 ft. long by 6-inch tall RC car features spoilers, giant, knobby wheels and was unveiled this week at the New York Toy Fair. According to Mattel, is a replica of the car Ben Affleck’s Batman will drive in the new film based on DC Comic book heroes.  Read more…

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Samsung's turmoil derails plan to crown its heir apparent


Maybe this was inevitable. 

The Friday arrest of Samsung Group Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was stunning, because it’s not every day that the de-facto leader of a giant international corporation gets led away by police. But it was also the culmination of a shady merger that was meant to pave the way for Lee to take the corporate reins from his father, but has instead landed him in court. 

Here’s how it happened. 


Turmoil at the head of Samsung is really just an extension of high-level turmoil that has engulfed the most powerful people in South Korea.  Read more…

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German watchdog: Parents, destroy these creepy smart dolls right now


You know how the saying goes: Keep your friends close unless those friends are Wi-Fi connected dolls, in which case you might want to destroy them.

A German government watchdog is urging parents to be on high alert for an unconventional personal security threat that may be lurking in their own homes — a children’s doll called “My Friend Cayla.”

According to a BCC News report, the German Federal Network Agency said the doll — which has already received complaints in Europe and the U.S. — is in violation of German telecom law, which sounds pretty sketchy for a toy. Read more…

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Google wants to know what you'd like to see in the Pixel 2


Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are, without question, two of the best Android phones ever created.

There’s lots to love. Its “pure” Android software is fast and smooth, the camera is one of the best and sometimes even better than the iPhone’s, battery life is excellent and it’s Daydream-ready for mobile VR.

But the phones are by no means perfect.

In a post on the Pixel User Community board, Google’s Krishna Kumar, the product lead on the Pixel, asks to hear thoughts on the current Pixel phones and what Google can improve for future devices. Read more…

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AT&T brings back its unlimited data plan for everyone — too bad it sucks


It’s official: unlimited data plans are back.

Following Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, AT&T finally caved and announced the return of its own unlimited data plan for all customers, and not just customers who are DirecTV or U-Verse subscribers.

Compared to the competition, the AT&T’s “unlimited” plan is easily the worst — it’s the most expensive and offers fewer features.

A single line costs $100 and each additional line costs $40, which breaks down to the following per month:

  • 1 line: $100

  • 2 lines: $140

  • 3 lines: $180

  • 4 lines: $220 ($180 after you receive a $40 credit) Read more…

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