The Nike+ Apple Watch is coming October 28


While the Apple Watch Series 2 has been available since mid-September, the exact release date for the Nike+ version of the watch has not been available — until now. 

French site WatchGeneration and 9to5Mac noticed Apple has posted an Oct. 28 launch date for the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2. 

The Nike+ variant of the Watch has the same innards as the regular Series 2 Watch, but it has a special, perforated band, comes in four unique color combinations and has unique Nike watch faces. 

The watch also comes with an app called the Nike+ Run Club, which gives runners reminders and motivation to go and train, as well as the option to connect and comepte with friends. Bear in mind that the app is free and will work with any version of the Apple Watch.  Read more…

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4 easy ways to DIY decorate your iPhone 7's headphone jack dongle


The iPhone 7 is finally out and you might find the phone design a little boring.

But the biggest thing about the new phone’s design — not having a headphone jack and having to use a dongle to listen to music with our old headphones — gives us an opportunity to add some flair. 

Luckily, all iPhone 7s actually come with a trusty dongle. Not so luckily, the dongle is an extra thing to carry around that’s bound to get lost or mixed up amongst all your other white wires.

We figured it would be easier to cope with this new wire if it was a little cuter. Read more…

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Amazon makes it easier for Indians to buy international products


Amazon’s latest offering for India is its mammoth global store. 

Amazon India has launched the Global Store in the country, giving people access to a range of products, many of which are yet to officially make their way to India. 

The Global Store currently has over four million products across 12 categories, but the company says it will be increasing its catalog over the next few months. One category that could instantly help Amazon India is fashion. The ecommerce company’s India rival Flipkart (largest ecommerce player in India) owns fashion-focused Myntra and Jabong portals.  Read more…

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India is still not keen to allow in-flight Wi-Fi


Air travelers in India will have to make do with no Wi-Fi connectivity on planes for now as the government continues to have security concerns. 

Back in August, aviation secretary R. N. Choubey had revealed that the Indian government will announce a set of reforms to let airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi on all flights over Indian airspace. The announcement was supposed to happen within 10 days but nearly two months later, the government is yet to make any such announcement. 

The Indian government has reportedly put the decision on hold because of security concerns, according to BloombergQuint. India doesn’t permit Wi-Fi services on domestic flights out of security concerns. In-flight Wi-Fi is perceived as a security threat because of difficulty in tracking voice and data usage from the air. International flights are also required to turn off internet services during the time they are in Indian airspace.  Read more…

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No contract required: U.S. customers can now buy an unlocked iPhone 7 from Apple


Want an iPhone 7, but don’t want to be locked into a carrier contract? Now, if you’re in the U.S., you can get SIM-free, unlocked versions of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple’s online store.

Of course, that also means you’ll be paying the full price for the device right away, which in this case starts at $649 for the iPhone 7 or $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Buying a SIM-free iPhone 7 does not mean the device cannot be used with a SIM card; it simply means you’re free to insert a nano SIM from any carrier and it will work with all of them.  Read more…

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Some Samsung loyalists in India are still awaiting refunds for their pre-ordered Galaxy Note7


The worst thing any company can do is to irk its most loyal customers. It seems Samsung has managed to do exactly that in India. 

Even as Samsung is bending over backwards by offering credits to those who bought the Galaxy Note7 in the United States, its loyal customers in India who had pre-booked the ill-fated smartphone in the country are still waiting to get refunds. 

Samsung had announced the Galaxy Note7 in India in August and it was supposed to go on sale on Sept. 2. In the run up to the launch day, Samsung opened pre-orders, where buyers could make a partial or full payment (depending on where you bought it from) for the smartphone and avail some launch day offers, which included a discount on its Gear VR headset.  Read more…

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