Cat S61 review: Tough as nails but not for everyone

Cat S61
The Good

Lots of unique features • Durable to very high specifications • Different than anything else on the market

The Bad

Buggy software • Mediocre specs • especially considering the price

The Bottom Line

The Cat S61 is an interesting phone, which is a label that doesn’t fit too many phones these days. However, the software needs work, and the price tag is too high for what it offers.

Mashable Score3.0
Cool Factor4.0
Learning Curve2.0
Bang for the Buck3.0

Here’s a quick test to see whether you need a phone like the Cat S61: Do you work in construction? Do you often repair stuff around the house? Do you drop your phone once a week or more? Do you use your phone in very inhospitable conditions, such as extreme cold or wet places? Read more…

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