SuperPhone wants to track your phone calls and messages for a small fee


Messaging can save your life. 

That’s the motto of hip-hop artist-turned-entrepreneur Ryan Leslie. The idea wasn’t difficult for me to understand when he presented his latest pitch to me last week at Mashable. Just minutes before he arrived, his publicist was texting me in order to confirm our office address and make sure security was ready to let him in. Okay, so maybe messaging didn’t actually save any lives that morning, but it did prevent a couple of headaches. 

Messaging is also the reason why Leslie and I are chatting again. We first met back in February 2016 when I profiled his tech startup, SuperPhone, a text messaging-based CRM and sales tool for celebrities. The software helps celebrities connect with fans, message them directly, and ultimately sell more products. It’s a data analysis tool. Now, SuperPhone is being made available to everyone. Read more…

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