Snapchat's new sky-changing filters make even boring snaps look cool


Snapchat’s just added a new tool that will help even the most boring snaps look a lot cooler.

The app introduced a new set of “sky filters,” which let you add different effects, like rainbows and sunsets, to photos with skies in them.

Just like Snapchat’s other filters, sky filters, which are rolling out to the app now, will change regularly. Once live, you can experiment with the filters by swiping across a photo just as you’d add any other filter. 

The sky-changing effects will appear automatically when the app detects a sky in the photo. Here’s what they look like in action. Read more…

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You can download the new macOS, High Sierra, right now


Apple’s latest software update is finally coming down the pipes: macOS High Sierra is now available to download in the Mac App Store.  

If you have a Mac from 2010 or later — and even some MacBooks and iMacs from late 2009 — your computer should be able to handle the High Sierra, so long as you have OS X 10.7.5 or later, 2GB of memory, and at least 8.8GB of available storage.

Apple previously announced that the OS would be ready for users today, and broke the news that it went live in a press release.

The new OS offers a slew of new features, like an update to the new Apple Files System, better graphics and VR support, HEVC video, autoplay blocking, and security-minded Intelligent Tracking Prevention on Safari, and overhauled photo editing features. Read more…

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This Russian-made phone prevents apps from tracking you


InfoWatch Group, a Russian security company, has introduced a smartphone that prevents apps from collecting data, Bloomberg reported. 

The Taiga phone is intended to keep apps from tracking any user activity, especially any work-related emails, documents, and photos, but broadly prevents any app from collecting or sending usage data. While apps like Gmail — which is known for scanning email text to power ads — can be used on the Taiga phone, they’ll be unable to collect or report data on their use.

While the phone runs Android, it’s a forked version designed to run in tandem with InfoWatch-created firmware. The first 50,000 Taiga phones are being delivered to employees of Russian companies co-owned by the state. (It’s not yet a phone consumers can buy.) Read more…

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A password manager could protect you from the next big hack


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

With the Equifax hack still delivering fun little nuggets with every passing day, your online security should be top of mind.

Despite the efforts of hackers, data miners, government agencies, and aggressive companies (i.e. everyone), your personal data deserves to stay safe. Using a password manager like this Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription is a proactive way to get better about internet security. 

While we all know having long, complex, and unique passwords that you change regularly is the best thing to do, it’s not exactly realistic — especially when you have literally hundreds of online accounts. Remember that account you created while sipping wine and shopping last night? Yes, that counts. Sticky Password Premium is a password manager that works across Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android to provision strong encrypted passwords for all your accounts, managed by a single master password. You remember one seriously complex password, and they do the rest.  Read more…

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Microsoft Teams is officially replacing Skype for Business


Microsoft is bolstering Microsoft Teams to better challenge Slack in the battle of the collaborative, chatty workplace apps. 

For starters, Teams will replace Skype for Business teamwork app. At the same time, Teams will get some of Skype’s advanced voice and video calling technology.

“Microsoft Teams will evolve as the core communications client,” Microsoft Office 365 Vice President Ron Markezich said at a press briefing, reports Reuters. “We will make Microsoft Teams the hero and primary experience for all voice, video, and meetings.” 

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Russian Twitter bots boosted baseless voter fraud claims in Germany


A Russian-language network of Twitter bots tried to boost claims of voter fraud going into Germany’s national elections on Sept. 24.

Those elections seem to have largely avoided the alleged Russian interference that had recently taken place in both the United States and France, but Russian-language bots still seized on a claim made by what appears to be a fake account, according to The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. 

On Sept. 22, an account sent a tweet in German (translated below) that made it seem as though someone going by the name of “Sahrer” was going to help run the election, and would invalidate votes in favor of Alternative for Germany, a far-right party whose leaders have developed friendships in MoscowRead more…

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