Driverless shuttles will beat other autonomous vehicles to the road


Shared autonomous vehicles, self-driving buses, driverless shuttles — whatever you call them, these vehicles are beating autonomous cars to the road. 

While companies like Waymo, GM’s Cruise, Lyft, Uber, Baidu, Tesla, and others continue testing personal vehicles that can drive themselves, others are focusing efforts away from personal transit options and seeing how autonomous tech can move crowds at school campuses, residential communities, office parks, business districts, and event spaces.

Just this week the New York Times uncovered that Apple’s self-driving car program is refocusing on an employee shuttle with Volkswagen vans. Making personal vehicles autonomous isn’t as easy to deploy. Read more…

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Review: the Google News app is a news junkie's dream come true

Google News
The Good

Tailor-made for news junkies • Lightning fast • even video • Offline reading lets you take the news with you

The Bad

Might be overwhelming for casual readers • Interface can be difficult to naviagte

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about the news, Google News is one of the most thorough news apps you can find.

Mashable Score3.75
Cool Factor3.0
Learning Curve3.0
Bang for the Buck4.5

Remember when news apps used to be cool? Seriously, there was a time when indie news apps were not only plentiful, they were the darlings of tech and media circles. Read more…

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Code for America wants to clear 250,000 marijuana convictions


Over the years Jennifer Pahlka has listened as discouraged people across America shared their stories of missed employment, education, financial, and housing opportunities with her. She’s comforted these individuals, gotten to know them, and learned that past marijuana convictions follow them in ways that make it impossible to move forward in life.

“The things that people write will break your heart: ‘I made a small mistake a long time ago and it’s just haunting me, I need a job to take care of my kids, I need a job to take care of my parents,'” Pahlka, founder and executive director of Code for America, said. “In a human way, when you see the problem up close it becomes a moral imperative to solve it.” Read more…

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A beginner's guide to making iPhone apps


A lot of people think app development is some unattainable, alien skill accessible only to those big-brained, glasses-wearing creatures we rudely call “nerds.” But that’s simply not true. 

Anyone can make an iPhone app, and everyone should make an iPhone app. Though it may seem daunting, apps are not difficult to make when you have the right instruction, like the sort you’ll get from the aptly titled online course How To Make a Freaking iPhone App. This fun, easily digestible course is available for 85% off, so you should probably get on that.

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Grab the world's first on-the-go Spotify player at its lowest price yet


Whoever said that history repeats itself was seriously onto something. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen the resurgence of things we’ve enjoyed from yesteryear — Polaroids, turntables and vinyl records, the Nokia 3310, heck, even bell-bottom jeans. But one item that’s got people buzzing is the Mighty — the only MP3 player that can fill the iPod Shuffle-sized hole in everyone’s hearts.

We’ve already talked about this tech wunderkind before, but we’re bringing it to your attention once again because, for a limited time, you can get your hands on it for only $79.99. Read more…

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Cities scramble to contain the flood of e-scooters


The motorized scooters arrived with a vengeance—but cities including San Francisco are putting up a fight. The city is forcing all scooters off the road as it implements a new permit program for the vehicles. 

Beyond the Bay Area, other large cities such as Washington, D.C., and Austin saw flocks of e-scooters — electronic, GPS-tracked transports that accelerate up to about 15 mph — come in the past few months. Now, they’re realizing something has to be done before their communities are covered in e-scooters or before someone gets seriously hurt.

The scooters have been an especially popular option for short trips. A network of contract workers are paid to scoop up scooters, charge them at home, and return the juiced-up devices to the streets in the morning. Read more…

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